Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Free shipping Offer

Nadal 2015 It's Christmas in Minairons battlefields too!

So as to celebrate it, we're offering free shipping worldwide to all orders for an amount of 100 € and above, from now until midnight 31st December (UTC+1).

Offer applies to all items currently in stock at Minairons webstore, whatever the scale, either from our own and from other brands such as Plastic Soldier Co, Zvezda, Peter Pig, Caliga and so. No exceptions there! Besides, it is cumulative with the already running 25% off sale until end of stock on all S-Model kits.

Let's take advantage from this offer and give yourself a nice Christmas present!

Monday, December 7, 2015

1st "Ai Carmela!" SCW tournament

Last month, the town of Les Borges Blanques in western Catalonia hosted the 4th edition of its promising Modelism and Wargames Fair. We at Minairons Miniatures not only attended to it, but eagerly co-operated with FOWTarna club to organize a wargaming event therein, that was christened as 1st "Ai Carmela!" SCW tournament. The picture below shows the participants chatting with the Mayor of Les Borges Blanques and a representative of the Government of Catalonia (=Generalitat), who took an interest in being explained the core concept of wargaming.
IV Fair
Despite its name suggesting a competition, the event itself wasn't conceived as a true tournament with a competitive setup or a final ranking. Instead, we preferred to use it as an introductory to Spanish Civil War wargaming, with the aim to attract potential gamers to this particular setting. So tournament was organized around two different kinds of scenario, with a separate army list for each contender as normal, but also a common reserve pool including air support, long range artillery or armoured reserves that had to be dealt and shared among player belonging to the same side.
Air support
To some extent, this 1st "Ai Carmela!" tournament had much of an experiment. We weren't prone to waste the time of our gamers to learn an entirely new ruleset, but to allow them to happily throw themselves into gaming with little previous explanations. Due to such practical reasons, we chose for this edition to be run using Spain in Flames supplement of Flames of War, a ruleset widely known among Catalan and Spanish gamers. We don't discard to use a different ruleset in further editions but there will be no changes to the gaming scale chosen, though. It will keep being 1/72 (=20mm). Quite logical, isn't it?
Tank assault
Tournament incorporated some funny optional and home brewed rules, such as one regarding the use of paramedics, or the rather unpredictable behaviour of some of the FoW objectives on table. Besides, we tried to enhance the event look using abundant scenery items, and complemented the ensemble with an exhibition table plentiful of painted stuff --from either Minairons and other makes.
Exhibition table
We'd like to thank the kindness and proactivity of Les Borges Blanques IV Modelism and Wargames Fair team, as well as FOWTarna crew for their commitment to this experimental tournament success. Next year we'll be there again, for sure!

If willing to watch a complete slide show on the event, please use this link.

Friday, December 4, 2015

1/72 S-Model kits 25% off Sale

As perhaps some of you already know, S-Model is making high quality fast assembly model kits at 1/72 scale --ideal for your WWII or Interwar settings. We are offering now 25% off discounted prices in all our stock of S-Model hard plastic kits --until end of stock. Take advantage from this sale at Minairons website before it's too late!

Monday, November 30, 2015

New Militiamen released

Just as announced, we have already available the latest Spanish Civil War 20mm miniatures set, the very first samples of which have started to come out from foundry. As you can see by the pictures below, the full set consists of 17 Militiamen figures and one Colt-Browning machine gun model coming in two parts that can be easily assembled.
Accordingly to our standards for the SCW range, this new set contains all unique figures, with no repeated poses. Also, set is completed by a paper sheet with 3 printed Anarchist column flags. The Militiamen are already available for order at this particular page in Minairons website.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

1/72 SCW Militiamen preview

I'm happy to show you a preview on our next 1/72 figures set, this time devoted to Spanish Civil War Militias, that have been sculpted for us by Xan as customary. We feel especially proud of this new set, and I believe you'll understand why:
20GEF012 one
20GEF012 two
20GEF012 three
20GEF012 four
20GEF012 five
20GEF012 six
Greens are already in hands of our foundry, so it can be reasonably expected to have a first batch of them cast in two weeks' time.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

OT-130 Chemical Tank conversion kit

We've just made available a conversion kit for converting our 1/72 T-26 mod. B tank into a Soviet OT-130 flamethrower tank. This consists of a small set of resin parts that can be adapted onto our T-26 hard plastic kit. As it can be guessed by its configuration, this set is also suitable for other makes' own T-26, thanks to the rectangular resin platform allowing kit to have its turret balanced to the right side --unlike "normal" T-26s, that had it balanced to the left.

Here below you have some captions on what does this tank look like, once superbly painted by the talented Heresy Brush:
A first batch of OT-130 flamethrower tanks is already available from this particular page in Minairons website.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New 1/72 Landesa tractor & Vickers gun

20GEV035 box
It's already available our latest Spanish Civil War vehicle at 1/72nd scale: Landesa tractor and Vickers 105mm gun. Tractor's kit itself is mostly resin, with white metal seats and headlights, while gun is a resin-metal mixed material kit, as you can see in the photo below. Set is complemented by a white metal driver and passenger:
20GEV035 parts
This new Minairons model is already available from our website --and our main distributors and retailers too, hopefully soon!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Minairons Plans for 2016 (II)

As a second part to the 2016 plans review written some days ago, I'd like now to let you know those other plans regarding 1:72 scale. I must admit these are our most extensive and ambitious plans; and this shouldn't catch anyone by surprise, for it is 1:72 stuff what actually keeps Minairons standing and holding the line. So that we are going to expand our Spanish Civil War range even further in 2016 - this involving both new white metal troop types and high quality resin vehicles.

As for figures, we'll go first for the Foreign Legion - this implying not less than two boxed sets, and quite probably up to three: legionary infantry, command and PaK 36 AT teams. Such will take us the first four to five months of 2016, likely. Once the Legion is done, it will be time to choose between the two best positioned sets behind: either Assault Guards or Requetes - or whatever is adviced by our wishlist status. BTW, I'm saying nothing about Militiamen because this is an upcoming set to be released very soon, still within 2015:
Going now for SCW vehicles, we are working hard to release Trubia-Naval "Euzkadi" tank soon, as already explained in a recent thread, so this will likely be our first AFV release in 2016. Other SCW vehicle projects in portfolio for 2016 are CV-33 Carro Veloce tankette and its Lanciafiamme version, Lancia Ansaldo IZ/IZM armoured car, Fiat-SPA Dovunque 33/35 truck and BT-5 fast tank; except for the truck, all of them are currently at various design stages. I'd also like to take a decision regarding BA-3/6 armoured car - a decision that must compulsorily have into account the excellent model already produced by Pegasus, which is nevertheless little known in Europe.
As for other ranges, we shall keep dropping a few WWII and Interwar models amidst, such as a Landesa improvised tank, or a OT-130 flamethrower version of T-26 tank, for instance - but we don't expect these ranges to grow significantly yet, for SCW is to be prioritary still for a long time. One important exception to this rule is our range of 1938 Grand Prix racing cars, that will be expanded further during 2016 with new racers, a ruleset and probably racing circuits too. At present, the British ERA type B car is already being designed at both 1:72 and 1:100 altogether.
A possible new range we are still pondering is related to War of the Spanish Succession - although little can be explained about yet, for it is currently at a very preliminary stage. In any case, it's in our mind to produce some 20mm items complementary to the plastics 1/72 GNW range already launched by Zvezda. Logically, we would then focus on the Peninsular theatre of WSS, making those troop types not covered by Zvezda plastics --such as southern European grenadiers, Spanish and French dragoons, Catalan Mountain Fusiliers, mounted personalities and so. Nothing at regard can be considered as final, though --not even year 2016 as a start.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New PDF, and Plans for 2016 (I)

First of all, let me acknowledge readers that an updated version of our full Catalogue has just been uploaded. It is updated as of today, October 28, and can be obtained by following the link provided in the side bar top box.

Next, I'd like to show you our plans for the 2016 first half --in this article, those regarding 1/100 scale. We are going to release not less than one model per season in that scale, different versions of IGC Sadurní AFV most of them. The one already being produced right now is the tank version you can see below:
It will be quite an easy to build model, for it will consist of just 3 resin parts and a hard-plastic MG. We have it scheduld for this Winter, and will be followed shortly thereafter by its carrier version, a pretty simple model too. It will be complemented by a 15mm white metal driver and passenger, that are still to be sculpted:
It has been scheduled for Spring, while we expect to release the tractor version in Summer, after having an accompanying howitzer re-scaled, and the above mentioned driver and passenger sculpted.
Last but not least regarding this scale, there are strong chances for a fourth model to be launched in the following months: the Japanese Ha-Go type 95 light tank. We are still struggling with its prototype!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Alpha-ARES 2015 & New Release

Alpha We are glad to confirm attendance to the 2015 Barcelona games convention organized by Alpha-ARES club - this year to be held next Saturday, October 24th.
We shall take advantage of such milestone event for launching oficially our next 1/100 scale SCW fighting vehicle: UNL-35 armoured car - which can be already pre-ordered at our website, anyway.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Militiawomen of my own

This weekend I've finally found the time for finishing up a SCW Militiawomen small company I had planned long ago, for my own collection - little after having released them on behalf of Minairons Miniatures, honestly. Please forgive my poor skills at either painting and taking pictures:

All of the figures there are from Minairons itself, except for two (from Irregular the one, from Barcino the other). Unit has been built for company-scaled settings such as FoW or Blitzkrieg, and conceived as a small size company, consisting of only two understrength platoons, with no further subdivision into squads so as to simulate poorer command-and-control than in Regular Army platoons (see one such regular at my personal painting blog).

As for figures painting, I've used these militiawomen with the aim to test some of the colour schemas in Minairons quick guides, taking advantage of the fact that many girls are dressed in military gear, presumably taken from pre-war stocks - that would also serve for testing the look of a similarly painted Nationalist force.

Look at these three girls above, for instance. While the leftmost one has been painted as if wearing military khaki overalls, as well as belting and gorrillo cap as if from the Assault Guard, the rightmost one has been painted as if dressed in pre-war military gear using 922 USA uniform + 879 Green Brown - one of the choices listed in Minairons Painting Guide no. 2.

Or, here above, these NCO's uniforms have been given same colour as the above, except for the leftmost one's coat, painted 873 Field Drab as if from Republican stocks.

On the other hand, such is the look of the same figure if painted 823 Luftwaffe Camo Green, as if in a brand new uniform.

As for girls dressed in overalls, I've chosen not to paint all of them in a single colour, but to alternate blue, sand, earth brown and olive yellow. The selected shade of blue has been Royal Blue, perhaps too bright for some tastes - but I wished my girls to be colourful.

I have posted a number of pictures else at my own painting blog; if curious about any of those pictures, please ask. I'll be happy to answer.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

SCW Basic Painting Guide 03: Moroccan Regulars

Today we've uploaded our 3rd painting guide, now regarding Moroccan Regulars. It can be downloaded from our website as usual.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Trubia-Naval Tank first shots

This is one project we've been working out quite silently. Now its design has been ultimately approved and sent to 3D-printing in order to obtain its production first masters. Please take a look at it:
As a funny, added value complement, the ultimate set is going to include most (if not all) of the weaponry combinations the actual tanks showed - starting by the Arellano gun forecast in Trubia factory preliminary designs, as well as several different machine guns the ultimate "Euskadi" tanks carried: Hotchkiss, DT and Lewis.
As customary, Trubia-Naval "Euskadi" tank will be produced at 1/72 scale first, and this is going to be our next AFV at this scale. This new tank will see daylight during Winter, most likely. We won't be able to release it before, for Militiamen and Landesa tractor are scheduled first. Besides, we must still wait to have a few prototypes in hand to design decals for it.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Some SCW Moroccans painted

Here you have the full set of SCW Moroccans we've been releasing lately, once superbly painted by José A. Bustamante and depicted altogether:
Wish you like them!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SCW Basic Painting Guide 02: Nationalist Army

SCW Painting Guide 2
It's already available our 2nd SCW Painting Guide, this one devoted to the Nationalist Army. It can be downloaded from the Other Stuff/Rules & Books/Free Downloads section of website, or just by clicking on the image above. Be aware though that, if the original file were updated in a future, then this link might become no longer valid, so that you'd have to go for our website anyway.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Joining the Militia

POUM militia
Our sculptor Xan has kindly drawn some sketches on our forthcoming 20mm miniatures set, devoted to Spanish Civil War militias. Such drawings reflect quite faithfully our original conception, that mused around an 18-figure extended set - with a composition similar to the militiawomen one.
20GEF012 concept

Thus, our upcoming set will comprise 12 riflemen, a Colt Browning M1895 MG along with its 2-man team, two officers or commissars and a standard bearer, all them showing unique poses. Are you ready for joining them?
20GEF012 concept
20GEF012 xoncept