Friday, June 28, 2019

Another WSS flag set

I'm pleased to announce the release of a new War of Spanish Succession infantry flag set, at 1/100, 1/72 and 1/56 scales simultaneously. This time it's been the turn for the flags of another late WSS catalan regiment, that come as DIN A7 sized PDF sheets, for users to download and print at will for just €2.00. Regardless of scale, each sheet comprises two flags preformatted for the intended scale: King's and Regiment's colours.

Also, we have made available a painting guide and data card for the new regiment, that can be downloaded for free.

Monday, June 3, 2019

New 1:100 Trubia-Naval tank

I'm happy to announce the release of a new 1:100 scale tank model for Spanish Civil War 15mm gaming --the Trubia-Naval Basque tank, already released in 1:72 time ago. It's an easy build model consisting of just two parts: one for hull and running gear, and another one for turret. Kit is complemented by two different optional weapon sprues --the one for hull, the other for turret.

Here you can see how does the new tank compare to our plastic Panzers.