Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New SCW figures!

This below is the preview of 3 new sets of SCW 20mm figures we're going to release on Saturday 27th. A first batch of all them has already been cast, so they will be fully available right after Christmas. These new releases consist of 2 different field artillery crews --one for Nationalists and the other for Republicans, ideally-- and a set of Republican vehicle riders, those same included in the IGC Sadurní carrier kit, that will be now available separately.
The Nationalist artillerymen set you can see above consists of 4 figures, a small sprue with a heavy shell and 3 crossed rifles. Similarly, the Republican one comprises 4 figures too, with two of those same shells and a rangefinder on tripod - as it can be seen below:
On the other side, the above commented Republican riders set includes the 4 seated soldiers below. All sets are to be priced at €4.95. Please remember, they'll become available on Saturday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New 1938 Racing Cars!

20GPX001 box
We are happy to acknowledge you all about our latest release before Christmas - the first set of a hopefully successful new range, one devoted to 1938 Grand Prix racing cars, that we expect to make at 1/72 and 1/100 scales altogether.
As it can be seen on the picture above, this first set includes 3 different racing cars in a box: Mercedes Benz W154, Auto Union type D and Alfa Romeo c12/312. Each of them consists on a single part resin hull, two white metal shafts, four resin wheels and a white metal driver masterly sculpted by Xan Miniatures for us. Besides, the set is completed by a decals sheet with number serials in white, black, blue and red.
This new set of 1/72 scale 1938 Racing Cars is fully available right now at our website, as well as the Interwar period Benach M1935 fast tank pre-announced some days ago, too.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Benach tank, available for pre-order

20IGV002 box
Despite the development of our first Interwar AFV has been hampered by every kind of obstacles, we have paciently managed to sort out each one, until the first complete models have started coming out from workshop at last - albeit at a rate lower than desired at first. So that we can now proudly show the first ultimate models of Benach M1935 fast tank at 1/72 scale.
20IGV002 parts
Each boxed set contains 2 complete tanks, mainly in high quality resin with some smaller parts in white metal or plastic. Each tank is accompanied by the full compliment of alternative running gears - for building them as either in on-tracks or on-wheels mode, at choice. The full set is completed with a decals sheet with WWII Turkish, what-if WWII Spanish Republican, what-if Catalan Republican and VBCW Liverpool Free State markings - a lot of dystopic choices!
painted 20IGV002
The new Benach M1935 fast tank is already available for pre-order at our website, while awaiting to have ready the last accessory part - that is being manufactured right now. We'll be able to start shipping orders in one week's time. Don't miss the chance and pre-order yours right now!