Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Carrying Steel72 model kits

Hi, just a short note with presumably good news for those fond of WW2 gaming --or, at least, for those equally fond of this period and Spanish Civil War altogether!

From now on, Minairons website will start retailing the models from Steel 72, a small company recently founded by Xan along with an associate partner. Incidentally as some of you are already aware, Xan has been so far the main sculptor of Minairons' own range of SCW figures.

Well, the thing is that I'm introducing Steel 72 current list of products into Minairons website database. These fall into two main categories so far: on one side, complete resin model kits with some white metal minor parts and driver; and on the other side, Armourfast model improvement kits --these consisting of an Armourfast sprue complemented by stowage, tank commander and other goodies. Here you can check their product listing.

In the next few days I shall complete this listing by adding Xan's own WW2 figures (Germans and Soviets, currently).

Monday, February 20, 2017

Carlists at the gates!

The boxes for our forthcoming set of SCW 20mm figures have just come from printshop, right today. On his side, our sculptor Xan has kindly shown some pictures on his recent work on our Requeté Militia. A few minor details must still be finished, but otherwise work can be considered virtually complete, so I'm proud to show them:

Carlist Requetés are now almost ready for conquering the tabletops! As soon as greens are handled to foundry, I'll put the set on an available for pre-order status at Minairons website, so that anyone can reserve theirs own in advance.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Spanish Galleon WIP

Just a few words about our 1:600 scale Spanish Galleon, the first one of an announced range of Baroque Era ships: We have kept silent for a long time since our first piece of news at regard --and such persistent silence had a reason why.

Rather unused to ship designing, our 3D designer experienced at first some troubles with the rather organic volumes of a galleon's hull, thus slowing down the project quite dramatically. But now those problems have been sorted out --one learns with practice!!--, so that the basic forms of hull itself are finally close to an end.

In advance to your possible objections after watching the picture: yes model will be waterline! It only happens that designer found it easier to draw hull entirely (a matter of polygons netting, don't ask me why) and, after 3D-printing the ship, to conveniently cut its hull to waterline. It also has the advantage of having the hull ready designed, to be used as a standard for future projects.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Three new SCW 28mm flag sets

Just as announced some weeks ago, we've just launched three new flag sheets at 1/56 scale --that is, for 28mm gaming. This time we've chosen the Spanish Foreign Legion as well as Republican and Nationalist Armies. As usual, each DIN A7 format sheet comprises up to three historical flags each, slightly textured so as to simulate waving effect. After this triple release, our SCW flags collection at this scale has now expanded up to 4 different sets.

As for the poll where I requested users' opinion on a future flags sheet devoted to the International Brigades, it was run between 20th and 30th January with the participation of 37 users. Ultimate results were as follows:

So accordingly to your votes a decision is taken. Our next International Brigades set will be devoted to the 15th IB, British Battalion, followed by the Thälmann 11th IB some time later.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

1:144 Breguet XIX prototype

Prototype of Breguet XIX light bomber and reconaissance aircraft at 1:144 scale is now ready for being brought into moulds. Naturally, there is still a lot of work to do before the ultimate production model is born, such as sculpting its crew, deciding what decals to wear and preparing a couple of samples for artwork. However, I've thought that some of you would like to know what it's starting to look like.

As for what markings to choose for decals, both Spanish Civil War sides are a straightforward option but I'd like to also allow more choices. However, if we do have in mind the large number of countries that employed this aircraft, and the reduced space available in a standard decals sheet, I'm afraid we'll have no other chance that setting a poll to hep decide.