Saturday, November 11, 2023

1/600 Japanese Atakebune


I'm pleased to share our latest 1:600 scale Age of Sail ship model release. Now it's been the turn for a Japanese warship from the Sengoku Jidai and early Edo periods - the fearsome Atakebune (安宅船). Conceived as floating fortresses, atakebunes were primarily used as formidable boarding platforms, with little ordnance on board - generally four cannons, or six at most.


As for the model itself, it consists of a high quality cast resin hull completed by a set of seven 3D-printed alternative parts - oars sets, a couple of masts with unfurled sails, a laid down mast and two alternative on-deck housings. The kit is complemented by a flag sheet comprising a number of Tokugawa shogunate flags - that can also be purchased separately.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Legionaries preview


Minairons miniatures' Spanish Civil War 20mm figure range has been finally resumed!

The first set we're approaching consists of 15 Foreign Legion figures in box; a first half of which are in an advanced sculpting stage already, as it can be seen by the picture above. This first handful of figures depicts two NCOs sporting SMGs and five riflemen in various fighting poses.

For this range to relaunch it has been required to find a capable and willing sculptor - the same one who already created our WSS range - replacing our previous sculptor, Xan Bautista. Due to this, some minor style differences can be expected, although we're committed to keep the highest internal consistence possible.

As a proof of this, here below you can see the upcoming sculpts compared to a couple of already existing Moroccan Regulars:


Hope you like the new sculpts!