Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Exceptional find!

This morning we've been visited at office by mr. Carles Querol, former Major of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia town and devoted local Historian, thanks to whom we had been able to extract a number of valuable infos concerning the IGC Sadurní d'Anoia AFV series we've been designing lately. After appreciating our 1/72nd scale model of the Assault Tank version we've recently released of it, he commented me to have been recently delivered the blueprints of another piece of armour designed at Benach Tractors Factory workbenches, a copy of which has been offered to us --provided we'd try our best for bringing it to life.

The story is more or less as follows: This is not a SCW tank, but a projected Inter-wars export tank. Benach Factory had been exporting for some time their civilian tractors to Turkey, so that in 1935 they started designing an armoured fighting vehicle for this country --uncertain whether under Turkish commission, or by their own initiative. Design was endeavoured by Benach engineer himself and finished in August 31, 1935 --as attested by the signature and date on the blueprint below:
Benach 1935
After examining these blueprints, it seems to me that mr. Benach didn't believe as much prioritary to define hull features or weaponry ports, whose shape and position seem to be merely speculative; but to accurately describe running gear, suspension and a tracks-to-wheels convertible system instead; for in the end the most outstanding, consistent features in blueprint are precisely these elements related to movement.

Well, if you attentively examine Benach's project running gear, what can you see? ...obviously, a Christie suspension system!. That same one used by Soviet BT series, or British Cruiser tanks!

Therefore, at the very same time while Trubia factory insisted in designing AFVs inspired by the old-fashioned Renault FT-17 tank using the obsolete Orion running gear, a persistently understimated workshop in Catalonia was envisaging a really modern tank, that would have no doubt revolutionized the Spanish Republic offensive capabilities and autonomy... Such amazing find comes to be a real, fledged vindication of Benach Tractors factory, and the Catalan War Industry as a whole --and we're proud to unveil it.

The project itself was cancelled, though; and its blueprints rendered forgotten and useless for a long time... till today.

Well, well, well... Who'd like one of these, and at what scale?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

More SCW 20mm figures

While waiting for the Republican Infantry greens to be finished up and brought to casting workshop --something very likely to happen during next week--, allow me to show you a sneak peek on our next 20mm metal figures set, aimed at complementing the first one.

Under the title of Republican HQ & Weapons, we shall release a set including a couple of foot officers, a standard bearer, two Degtyarev MG teams in different poses, one light mortar team, one Maxim HMG team and a matching flags sheet. Here you are the preliminary drawings of all them, by Juan G. Bautista of Xan Miniatures:
LMG teams
Mortar team
HMG team
That is, a total of twelve human figures and one HMG model. As with former sets, sheet consists of three detailed historical flags:
20GEC903 flags
Unlike our vehicle boxes, whose front surfaces are always chaired by a big photo showing the actual model, boxes of this upcoming series of SCW figures are to be decorated with a boldly stylish full-coloured drawing --a rough approximation to which can be seen here below:
Box Art
As stated above, we expect to be able to release both sets during next month --before Christmas for sure! Hope these news are pleasing to you!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welcoming new traders worldwide

PSC logo In spite of not having been formally announced yet, most likely many of you have already noticed that The Plastic Soldier Company has de facto become our main Distributor for the shops supplied by them, either inside the United Kingdom or abroad.

Tracks n'Troops logo That isn't all, though. We are proud to acknowledge our friends that Minairons Miniatures full range is now available at Tracks & Troops. We are happy that this highly reputed, long-aged Czech online shop had finally considered it worth to include our plastic and resin models in their huge catalogue.

Mega Hobby logo Also, our American fans might like to know that Mega Hobby store has also decided to carry Minairons products --thus helping expand a public knowledge of our humble brand around this great Republic, that is much needed still.

Cherbourg Maq. logo I had privately expressed several times to friends my deep concern about an apparent gap existing in France regarding Minairons Miniatures. It finally seems that such gap is slowly starting to fill up, thanks to individual shops like Cherbourg Maquettes, who have also dared to include our catalogue in their own listings. Wish such is just the start of a long, fruitful venture!

Bandua logo And, last but by no means less important, I'd like to acknowledge all Spanish users that the recently born, rapidly expanding Bandua Wargames Galician business is also retailing Minairons Miniatures in their webshop. There are few words in any language capable of expressing all the happiness and hope these unbeatable news above represent to me, after this first, hard and sometimes deeply deceiving year.

Thanks to you all for your confidence! --and please help us grow and expand: keep purchasing our miniatures, as well as freely feeding us with your appreciations and criticisms...

Friday, October 18, 2013

New releases, and Wishlist update


The piece of news of today is intended at acknowledging you about two different matters. Let's go for the new releases first: we're relieved and happy to publicly announce that our newest 1/72 IGC Sadurní tank started yesterday at last to be shipped to all those who had pre-ordered it.
20GEV001 box
20GEV001 reverse
20GEV001 parts
Also, we have just released another 1/100 textured flags paper sheet (=15mm); this time, one devoted to the People's Republican Army. As with former sets, sheet consists of three detailed historical flags:
15GEC903 flags


Flakpanzer I Secondly, we would like to briefly explain you a few updates made between yesterday and today, at both our Pipeline page of this blog and the Wishlist section of our main website,

Quite shortly not to bore you: the first two models of our recently announced SCW aircraft (I-15 and CR.32 fighters) have been pushed into Pipeline; the one at 1/100th and the other at 1/144th scale. This is aimed at reflecting our purpose of making them at both scales --more or less alongside.

Chevy 1.5ton As for the Wishlist, it has been increased with a few novelties suggested by users at different forums and fairs: Bréguet XIX, Nieuport-Delage NiD-52, McClean 37mm gun, Barbastro tank and GMC/Chevrolet 1.5ton truck --this latter has been pushed into the list by ourselves for strategical reasons, and must say that its design has already started! Let you also know that design of some other models else in the list is about to start, too! Otherwise, we've had no other chance than temporarily push Schneider CA-1 tank back, after having seen frustrated our expectations to have it designed in the short term.
McClean 37mm
Not all news could be that good. We expect to restore Scheneider CA-1 status in the list pretty soon. Of course, there have been some suggestions else --not all were kept in mind by me, apologies for it!

Please send (or re-send) me such suggestions, we'll do our best for fulfilling your wish!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

M1 Armored Car update & request

28IGV001 design
That's what our 1/56 Cunningham's M1 Armored Car will look like according to the design above. And in the caption below you can also see what parts it will consist of:
28IGV001 parts
OK, good so far. Now, we'd like your assistance at providing decals for this handsome vehicle. We'd like giving it a few decoration options else, besides of those strictly historical, or likely, that you can see on the draft below:
28IGC001 decals
If we had room enough for more markings than those depicted above --as it's likely to finally happen--, which ones would you like us to include in? From a fictional, what-if, or pulp setting? If so, which ones? Can you show us some samples to work on?

Any opinion or contribution is warmly welcome!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New range of SCW aircraft

I'm happy to show you the first results of a new range we had been silently working out for a long since. What you see in the attached captions is the very first model of our new range devoted to Spanish Civil War fighting aircraft, that will be developed at 1/100th and 1/144th scales alongside.

Yes, legendary Polikarpov I-15 "Chato" is ready for lording Spain's skies again!
Following our usual philosophy of easing wargamers' life, models are to comprise very few parts and will be accurately cast in a high quality resin, so as to preserve the most detail so few pieces allow. Some smaller, expectably brittle parts will be cast in white metal instead --for higher endurance. In the case of our Polikarpov I-15 for instance, only the three major parts are actually resin made (hull, upper wings and nose) while propellor, wing struts and landing gear are metallic.
metal parts
This handsome biplane fighter will be released at 1/100th scale very shortly --within the next weeks. Its smaller 1/144th version will follow the path shortly afterwards; as a matter of fact, it has also been prototyped and is ready for production! ...just as their main rival too: Fiat CR.32 "Chirri" --equally at both scales.
wing detail

Monday, October 7, 2013

1/56 Henschel Type 33 truck: First views

28GEV015 canvas
Henschel Type 33 medium truck has been designed for being our second 1/56 model, after the already released Hispano Suiza MC-36 Armoured truck. On the following pictures you can watch the general look of its first prototype.
28GEV015 rear view
Once brought into production, the ultimate model will consist of around 20 parts, most of them in high quality resin (the so-called "liquid plastic" PUR). This time though, some parts will probably be made in white metal due to their small size or fragility.
28GEV015 front view
28GEV015 no canvas
If nothing actually unexpected happens, our 1/56 Henschel Type 33 will be released within the traced headline --next November.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hispano Suiza MC-36 re-scaled!

Good news for 1:72nd and 1:100th fans! For our Hispano Suiza MC-36 armoured car --already released at 1:56th some weeks ago-- has now been downsized to your favourite scale! The caption above shows what the respective prototypes look like altogether...

Such re-sizing work fast progression allows us to be optimistic about their respective ultimate releasing, that can reasonably be expected for within the next two to four months --precise dates always subject to our other current developments.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Now carrying Peter Pig's Range 13

Peter Pig logo As a continuation to our policy of joining efforts with other companies whose products can be complementary to ours own, we are happy to acknowledge you all that Minairons Miniatures is going to carry on its website Peter Pig's Spanish Civil War range of 15mm figures --those labeled by them as Range 13.

Range 13 For the moment, this is going to include all their nearly 60 bagged sets --except for their T-26 tank, quite logically. Those sets consist of 8 foot or 4 mounted figures each; some are specific to just one side, other can be used for both. Such circumstance has been conveniently marked on each product with little Republican and/or Nationalist roundels.

In a second phase, we expect to also have in stock their boxed army sets --but this will be gradually, as while as such boxed sets are requested by users.