Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spanish Republican tank riders

We're delighted to show you a preliminary drawing of the 1/72nd scale Spanish Republican driver and passengers we are currently preparing for complimenting our upcoming IGC Sadurní Carrier. This means that they're going to be included in that AFV boxed kit by default; but we also plan to sell these 20mm figures separately, for allowing you to discretionally use them on other SCW trucks and tanks.
The IGC Sadurní Carrier boxed set will contain, besides of tank and passengers, a nice set of decals with Catalan markings --as well as some Scottish insignia for your VBCW-style fictitious settings! Such sheet is logically shared with the rest of IGC Sadurní tank variants.
Presidents Azaña & Companys

Thursday, August 22, 2013

1:56 Hispano Suiza MC-36 AFV fully available

MC-36 box
We're glad to announce that, once sorted out some unpredictable issues with decals, our first 1:56th scale Spanish Civil War model kit is fully available at last!
MC-36 box reverse
And we've got a nice surprise to you. Decals sheet will not just include the announced markings for 2 dfferent Nationalist vehicles, but those for 1 Republican car too!

MC-36 decals
Also, please note that we've performed a slight change in our blog, so that we have now two separate pages for already released models and those others in the pipeline. We believe that, at this stage where our firm has grown enough for showing a significant catalogue, it was better to separe both lists --thus allowing users a conveniently easy checking.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1:72 Bilbao Armoured Car released and shipping!

Bilbao box
Happy to acknowledge you that our remastered 1:72 Bilbao Armoured Car is finally ready for shipping --just as scheduled, wow!
IGC Sadurní
Our 1:72 Bilbao model kit consists of just 10 parts, all of them high quality resin --except for MG and fore wheels, that are made of hard plastic. This new Minairons Miniatures model is available in a 2-models box, also including a textured paper sheet with flags of three Spanish Republican institutions.

More detailed pictures can be seen on this previous post.

This and all our model kits can be purchased either straightly at our own webshop, or from any of the following worldwide distributors and retailers.

Friday, August 9, 2013

1/72nd IGC Sadurní tank prototypes

IGC Sadurní
Coming out from workshop the very first prototypes at 1:72nd scale of the ill-known IGC Sadurní Catalan tank, in all its three versions: assault tank, universal carrier and artillery tractor --this latter, carrying a 155mm Schneider gun.

In spite of sharing some features, such as running gear and lower hull, the amount of parts exclusive to each variant has persuaded us not to make with it one single multi-option model kit; but three different, separate kits instead. The first one to be released is the Assault Tank version (20GEV001), whose releasing is scheduled for September 11th, Catalonia's National Day.

Here below you can see them compared to all three Panzer I versions alongside. Anything but a huge piece of armour, isn't it?
IGC Sadurní
Apologies for the pictures quality, we definitely should take some lessons on it!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1/100th scale T-26 tank preview

15GEV005 box
Our 1:100th scale T-26 tank is taking shape. This is what our second testing injection batch looks like.
15GEV005 left view
15GEV005 sprue
15GEV005 right view
Here you can see some pictures for comparison. At left, our twin-turreted model A from the first batch; in the middle, a model M from Zvezda; and at right a model B from our second batch. All dimensions are consistent with those of the Zvezda model, except for the mudguards: ours are 0.5mm wider --or theirs 0.5mm narrower! So happens with tracks too.
compared T-26s
compared T-26s
compared T-26s
Minairons' 1/100 T-26 tank will be released on September 11th as a boxed set. It will include 5 plastic tanks, besides of a decals sheet with markings for up to 5 Russian, 5 Finnish, 5 Turkish, 5 Spanish Republican and 5 Spanish Nationalist tanks.
single 15GEV005