Wednesday, November 30, 2016

1/144 Breguet XIX preview

After a somewhat longer than wished lapse, we've retaken the range of Spanish Civil War aircraft; this time, we wished to place on workbench the Breguet XIX. This two-seat biplane was the Spanish Republic Air Forces standard bomber before the burst of civil war.

We are planning to supply the model kit with a decals sheet including markings for both SCW sides, but had also in mind to supplement it with some early WWII markings. We're thinking of Greek and Polish markings --would you support this choice?

As for model itself, it will be quite easy to build --with no more than 8 parts besides of pilot and gunner.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

More 1:100 SCW flags released

Just as promised last month, we've just made available three new sets of 1:100 scale flags for SCW 15mm gaming. This time it's been the turn for the Republican militia Fifth Regiment, Nationalist Cavalry and Basque Army.

New sets come, as usual, under form of small DIN A7 paper sheets with three historical flag designs each, slightly textured so as to simulate fabric waving under wind effect. Thanks to these new additions, our range of flags at this scale now comprises 11 different sets --and will keep growing all 2017 long, for the most immediate releases we've forecast in 1:100 scale are Falange militia, Catalan Army and Moroccan Regulares. We expect to release these before Christmas.

Regarding our equivalent range of 1:72 scale flags there will be further news soon, too --in one or two weeks' time as late.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Requeté Militia WIP

After a lapse of frantic activity time either re-vamping the miniature ranges of his own, or launching a new WWII 1:72 models and accessories company christened as Steel 72, our sculptor Xan has finally met the time for sculpting a new set of Spanish Civil War figures for Minairons. Such new set is devoted to Requete militias and will consist of 18 figures, comprehensive of NCOs and officers, an LMG team, flag bearer and christophore. Here below you have his preliminary sketches on it:

It's soon still to give an ultimate deadline for them. It depends not just on sculptor's own speed at making the greens, but also on other factors to be kept in mind: boxart progression, packaging design and printing... However, my overall feeling is that we'll be able to release them reasonably soon.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Manila Galleon first preview

Well, I admit there isn't much to show yet, because 3D designing of our announced 1:600 Galleon has revealed to be a little harder than expected at start. However, when designer showed me a few captions on his work progress, a few days ago, I couldn't resist the temptation to post them on blog. Ship's hull, a part of which you can see above, will measure around 70 mm long --Manila galleons were really big!-- and perhaps around 17 mm wide.

As you can see by the picture above, we're taking a lot of care about detail --even at the risk of having to reduce it later!--. Only after having 3D-printed a first prototype, we'll be able to determine parts and materials, although I'm currently considering as most likely to finally make hull in resin, with masts and rigging in white metal.

Unless something gets really wrong, ship will be released as a boxed set including a DIN A7 format paper sheet comprising not only its main ensign, but minor flags and jack as well. Here below you have a draft of such flags sheet:

Friday, November 4, 2016

New set of 1:72 flags for Spanish Civil War

Just as promised some days ago, here you have the three latest additions to our range of 1:72nd scale flags for 20mm Spanish Civil War gaming: Requete militias, Moroccan Mehalla and 5º Regimiento. They come under form of small DIN A7 paper sheets with three historical flag designs each, slightly textured so as to simulate fabric waving under wind effect.

Range will grow further in next weeks, alongside to its 15mm equivalent. Upcoming novelties will be Falangist militias, Spanish Foreign Legion and Basque and Catalan armies --all of which already on workbench.

Please check our current offer of 20mm flags in this page.