Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New PDF, and Plans for 2016 (I)

First of all, let me acknowledge readers that an updated version of our full Catalogue has just been uploaded. It is updated as of today, October 28, and can be obtained by following the link provided in the side bar top box.

Next, I'd like to show you our plans for the 2016 first half --in this article, those regarding 1/100 scale. We are going to release not less than one model per season in that scale, different versions of IGC Sadurní AFV most of them. The one already being produced right now is the tank version you can see below:
It will be quite an easy to build model, for it will consist of just 3 resin parts and a hard-plastic MG. We have it scheduld for this Winter, and will be followed shortly thereafter by its carrier version, a pretty simple model too. It will be complemented by a 15mm white metal driver and passenger, that are still to be sculpted:
It has been scheduled for Spring, while we expect to release the tractor version in Summer, after having an accompanying howitzer re-scaled, and the above mentioned driver and passenger sculpted.
Last but not least regarding this scale, there are strong chances for a fourth model to be launched in the following months: the Japanese Ha-Go type 95 light tank. We are still struggling with its prototype!


Anleiher said...

Love the Sadurni models, but a Chevrolet Truck in 15mm would really be appreciated.

Soldadets said...

Mmmm... certainly, a 1/100 version of our Chevy is our most likely option for a future SCW softskin vehicle :)