Thursday, April 30, 2015

New 1/72 Moroccan Regulars

20GEF019 box
I'm happy to acknowledge you to have already available a new set of 20mm Spanish Civil War figures: the much feared Tropas Regulares Indígenas de Marruecos (="Moroccan Native Regular Troops"), better known in short as Regulares. Please take a look at the pictures below.
20GEF019 one
As usual, this new set has been beautifully sculpted by Xan and consists of 15 figures, all different --thirteen askari riflemen and two NCOs, one of which holding a naranjero SMG.
20GEF019 two
Also customarily, this our new Moroccan Regulars box is priced €15.95, and it will be followed shortly by a second set comprising officers, flag bearer and close support weapons.
20GEV035 set
Our Moroccan Regulars are fully available at our website right now, but some retailers have already started picking them up too.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

1/72 Landesa tractor & Vickers 105mm gun

Here you have a few pictures on one of the closest to deadline projects we've got currently in hands. Some have been taken from my mobile device, so their quality is somewhat poorer than wished --apologies for this:
20GEV035 alone
20GEA002 alone
20GEV035 set
The concept behind this double kit is identical to that in IGC Sadurní tractor & Schneider howitzer: that is, to make as the main product a boxed set comprising both tractor and gun, besides of a white metal driver (and perhaps, only perhaps some passengers), but also to allow users the chance to get each separately --in bag with heading card, and no extras.

Please observe that some parts of gun have ultimately been cast in metal. Results have been so satisfactory that we'll likely going to improve the same way our Schneider 155mm howitzer --so replacing its current resin wheels by metal ones too.

If everything keeps running as smoothly as so far, this new kit could easily be launched by the end of Summer.

Friday, April 17, 2015

1/56 M1 Armored Car, ready

An admittedly too long awaiting model, the Interwar US M1 Armored Car is ready for release at 1/56th scale. Here below you can watch a sample superbly painted by Bruce Murray of Ready4action:
28IGV001 left
28IGV001 front
28IGV001 right
28IGV001 rear
Despite the real vehicle not having seen any action, we believe it an exciting, useful addition to any early 20th Century semi-historical, ucronic or pulp setting --let's say, VBCW, Mexican Revolution or ACW 2. With decals printed and models cast, we're now about to start box designing --so its release can be reasonably expected by early June.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

New 1/72 UNL-35 Armoured Car

20GEV007 box
We have just added a new armoured fighting vehicle to our ever growing 1/72 Spanish Civil War collection: now it's been the turn for UNL-35 armoured car. Although inspired on the Soviet BA-20, this Spanish-made vehicle outperformed its model, so being is considered by many as the best AFV in Spanish Civil War. UNL-35s were mainly used by the Spanish Republic Army and Asaltos Police, although some were captured by their Nationalist enemies. A few managed to escape capture by crossing the Catalonian-French border, and were seized by the French Army --falling into German hands some months later, following the invasion of France.
20GEV007 contents
UNL-35s come in 2-model boxes. Each model kit comprises just 11 parts, most of them in high quality resin. Only headlights and MGs are cast in white metal. Here below you can watch what one such vehicles looks like, once built:
built 20GEV007
built 20GEV007
And now, please watch it after being masterly painted by Heresy Brush:
built 20GEV007
built 20GEV007
This our latest novelty is already available from Minairons website --and hopefully from our main distributors and retailers too!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Farewell to Pat Condray

Just come from a short holidays spent with my lovely wife in the Pyrenees range, when I've just been acknowledged at The Miniatures Page about the passing of Patrick "Pat" Condray, as a result of the injuries suffered after being swept away by a car while riding on his bicycle.

I had been developing lately an increasing e-mail relationship with Pat, who as owner of Historical Products Company had taken the challenge to represent and sell in his country Minairons miniatures' 1/72 SCW products, which he had judged would help boosting his own 20mm range and spreading SCW gaming in the United States of America. Always concerned with the historical accuracy of his own settings, he often used to request me uniform data, OOBs or even scenarios to game at shows.

Beyond his sgnificance as an HMGS founder, or the fact of being a key link between us Minairons and SCW gamers in the US, I'm just able right now to express my deep sadness at Pat's passing away. May he rest forever in peace.

Et trobaré molt a faltar, Pat. A reveure!