Monday, October 30, 2017

More XVII Century Naval flags

Timely with our naval range schedule, we have just made available three new sets of 17th Century naval flags, now those devoted to French and Catalan warships, as well as to an Ottoman trade galleon:

After this triple release, our Age of Sail naval flags collection comprises now up to 12 different sets, with many more on the way --as it can be checked on our blog's pipeline page. All them are priced at €2.00 each and can be purchased from our website.

Besides, we're keeping a wide selection of other 17th and 18th centuries naval flags sets awaiting people to adhere to their proposals --in our Wishlist page.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

1:72 L3/33 Carro Veloce tankette

I am pleased to acknowledge you that our projected CV33 Carro Veloce has already entered into production stage. Please watch what its production master model does look like:

Most of this new model parts are to be cast in high quality resin, except for a few --i. e. machine guns. After having evaluated tooling costs, I am now fully persuaded we'll be able to keep for it a pricing right similar to that of previous AFV models from us (honestly, I was a little doubtful about it some weeks ago).

Besides, I am happy to confirm you in advance that the ultimate box set will also include a couple of Italian crewmen, as recently agreed with our usual collaborating sculptor, Juan G. Bautista (Xan Miniatures).

Monday, October 9, 2017

New 1:100th armoured trucks from Peter Pig

Peter Pig has just released up to four new 'tiznao' armoured trucks: Torras Nº4, Hispano Suiza 3T6, Constructora Field and Somua-Naval (from left to right in the picture below).

They're already available on Peter Pig website; besides, I have listed them for pre-order at Minairons site too.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

XVII Century English Naval Flags

Our recently started 1:600 scale Age of Sail Naval Flags range keeps growing, now by the addition of three new sets devoted to the English Navy between 1630 and 1707.

Many of the mast flags chosen are interchangeable to some extent from one Squadron ship to another, while the Royal Standard we've reproduced is that one of Stuart's dynasty. All three are already available at our website, as usual.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Strike End

Not having been issued any slogan for a strike elongation by controlling trade unions (CCOO and UGT), civic associations or political parties of Catalonia (except some minority unions still claiming for an indefinite strike), I am happy to end Minairons strike too.

Therefore, our website will be operational again by midnight of today, Tuesday 3/10/2017. That is, in about half an hour's time.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Minairons on Strike

After the massive, disproportionate, brutal agressions suffered yesterday by hundreds of thousands pacifical, non-violent Catalan citizens at hands of Spanish police and Civil Guard, under excuse of preventing a referendum poll to be performed, the country's main trade unions and social entities have convoked a ONE-DAY STRIKE for tomorrow --a strike subsceptible to become an INDEFINITE GENERAL STRIKE depending on the events to happen in the next few days.

Minairons Miniatures is going to shut doors down too, as a sign of repulse toward the exorbitant repression suffered by citizens regardless of their age or sex (in one case at least, particularly cruel aggressions due precisely to her sex and age). We are plainly unwilling to stand working as if nothing had happened. That of yesterday was enough.

Therefore, we shall stop all professional activity and cease processing orders, responding to customers, traders or suppliers or developing new projects. We honestly hope the strike isn't going to last more than a single day, but are determined to keep doors shut down if a strike elongation is decreed.

We humbly apologize for this to all our friends and beg their comprehension. It's a matter of dignity as citizens of a supposedly western civilized, democratic country that has unmasked itself.