Thursday, October 30, 2014

Now carrying 1/56 Rubicon Models plastic tanks

When Minairons Miniatures was born, we committed ourselves to multi-scale production of our projects, but for both financial and technical reasons then stated we would focus mainly on 1:72 and 1:100 scales first, leaving the larger 1:56 for after the company had strengthened enough. After those first two years of life though, things have happened --either inside and outside the company. These ultimately making 1:72 to stand out significantly face to the rest of scales. As a result, some of you have perhaps watched sadly how our 1:56 scale projects began to slow down, as if forgotten in a drawer.

As a way to sort out such timeline break, we have just decided to carry on a permanent basis the products of another newly born brand: this is Rubicon Models. This company is focused on making excellent hard plastic, easy assembly WWII model kits at 1:56 scale, and they've started launching the models below:

All these models are already available for pre-order on our website. Not surprisingly to many of you, our hope is to help by this deal boosting our own SCW and WWII models at this scale.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Some Finnish T-26 tanks

I'm proud to show you a couple of 1/72nd scale T-26 tanks of Minairons, superbly painted and depicted by Bruce Murray as Finnish captured for one his customer - who also wanted a T-34.
Finnish tanks
Finnish T-26
Finnish T-26
Finnish tanks
Hope these pictures are useful to someone as a source of inspiration!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


We have just launched a new kind of accessory, hopefully complimentary to our developing range of SCW 1/72, or 20mm, figures. This consists of a several different sets of white metal small sprues, each one holding 3 separate heads in a particular headgear.
Our first released sets include male heads in either Adrian, Czech or Trubia helmets, and Pasamontaña caps. They're sold in single headgear 3-sprues bags --that is, 9 heads-- at the price of € 2.95 each.

A similar collection of female heads will follow next, while future developments will progressively include all those helmets/caps also used by our growing range of white metal figures.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

1/72 Benach M1935 Fast Tank

Our long expected 1/72nd scale model of this widely unknown Inter-wars tank design is nearly out there, for a first production batch has just started a few days ago. While awaiting those first ultimate models to come out from workshop, please take a look at this couple of samples masterly painted by Claudia Zuminich - these belonging to its first testing batch:
We reasonably expect to release it within due time - that is, on next month. Decals are already printed and box design is likely to start next week, so we must just wait for the first production batch to be completed.
It will be sold by the pair on a box, with both running arrangements for each tank - so that you can choose how to build each one.
SCW fans, please have in mind this tank never got into production - not even for prototyping purposes. It was just a workbench design we've brought to life - somewhat like the German E-50, E-75 and E-100 Panzer series. This is why we haven't included it in our 20GEV999 SCW vehicle series, but have started a new, separate 20IGV999 Inter-wars range with it. So this AFV is mainly suitable for fictional settings over those purely historical ones, naturally.
I guess that 1/72 VBCW, what-if and pulp gamers will be pleased, for the decals sheet for this tank includes fictional markings only: Turkish roundels (as if the tank had been ultimately purchased by this country as planned at start), what-if WW2 Spanish Republican roundels, what-if Catalan Republican markings (as you can see on the samples above) and VBCW Liverpool Free State flags.