Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Decals and Flags at different scales

Flags Sheets
We are pleased to announce the release of several decals and paper flags sheets at both 1:72nd and 1:100th scales. Our current full listing consists now of:

1:72nd scale
  • 20GEC002 - waterslide decals - Panzer I ausf. A markings (German, KMT Chinese, Spanish Nationalist)
  • 20GEC003 - paper flags - Spanish Republic Institutional flags (Spanish Republic, Basque & Catalan Governments)
  • 20GEC004 - waterslide decals - Panzer I ausf. B markings (German, Hungarian, Spanish Nationalist & VBCW* BUF)
  • 20GEC005 - waterslide decals - T-26 A & B markings (USSR, Finnish, Turkish & Spanish (both Republican & Nationalist)
[*] Very British Civil War (or VBCW in short) is a trademark of Solway Crafts and Miniatures, used with their kind permission
Decals Sheets
1:100th scale
  • 15GEC002 - waterslide decals - Panzer I ausf. A markings (German, KMT Chinese, Spanish Nationalist)
  • 15GEC003 - paper flags - Spanish Republic Institutional flags (Spanish Republic, Basque & Catalan Governments)
  • 15GEC901 - paper flags - Anarchist Militiae flags ("Roja y Negra" Column, CNT's "Castilla Libre", unknown British battalion)
  • 15GEC902 - paper flags - Spanish Foreign Legion flags (1927 first flag re-used 1936-1938, 1931-1936 republican period, 1938 onwards)
1:144th scale
  • 10GEC904 - waterslide decals - Nieuport-Delage NiD-52 Republican markings (suitable for other early aircrafts)
  • 10GEC905 - waterslide decals - Heinkel He-51 Nationalist markings (suitable for other early aircrafts)
1:144 Decals

Saturday, April 13, 2013

1:72 scale T-26 tank released and shipping!

20GEV005 box obverse
After a good amount of co-operative hard work, we are immensely happy to acknowledge you all that our so long expected 1:72nd scale T-26 tank mod. A & B is already coming out from factory!!
20GEV005 box reverse
Minairons' T-26 tanks come in a sprue consisting of only 10 parts --3 of which are intended for an alternative build of the twin-turreted "A" version. Following recommendations issued by several sources including those from a well-known magazine significant contributor, this time the main gun turret includes a hatchet that can be opened, as well as an optional tank commander torso.
20GEV005 contents
These new tanks are available in a 2-sprues box, also including a decals sheet with national markings for a good number of Soviet, Finnish, Turkish and Spanish (both Republican and Nationalist) tanks. The whole set retails on our webshop at EUR 13.95. Here below you have some captions of this new fast build tank!
20GEV005 commander
20GEV005 closed hatch
20GEV005 A version
A first batch of our newly born T-26 tanks is already flying toward Caliver Books HQ in England, so that they'll be hopefully awaiting YOU at Salute 2013 --in Caliver Books' own stand.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Frantic Race for Salute

Just a few days after our latest 1:72nd scale release, we are now hurrying as much as we can for having another novelty in that scale, in time for Salute 2013. It is no other than the model you can see below, a long awaited one.
This is what looks like one T-26 tank from our first tooling test batch. There are still some technical flaws to solve --a couple of undesired flashes, some detailing to be sharpened, a few fittings to be improved... and a sprue proper colour, naturally! In any case, the ultimate sprue will look pretty similar to these below:
All the rest of elements of this upcoming set are ready: decals sheet, boxes... it's now just a matter of injection refining. A matter of days.

Friday, April 5, 2013

New release: 1:72 Befehlswagen I B

Minairons Miniatures is delighted to formally present its latest production, the Pz. Befehlswagen I ausf. B in 1:72nd scale. This is a kit mostly made in resin, albeit with a couple of optional parts in hard plastic, aimed at allowing you to build the model as a regular fighting Pz.Kpfw I ausf. B. The whole set consists of 10 resin parts, a couple of them also optional, besides of the above commented plastic pieces.
As a novelty with regard to prior releases, this new set is complimented with a decals sheet including not only the expected historical national markings (German, Hungarian and Spanish Nationalist), but also a fictional set. Indeed, sheet also includes BUF symbol roundels for the fictional Very British Civil War (VBCW) setting.

As many of you already know, Very British Civil War (VBCW) is a trademark owned by Solway Crafts & Miniatures and is used with their kind permission.
As a matter of fact, you'll be able to build the model not only as either a fighting or command tank, but will also have the option to build this last one as either its former or later version, as used in SCW and WWII respectively.
This our new kit retails in our website at EUR 10.95. As a number of aficionados may have already experienced, international shipping fees have become unsustainably expensive lately, so that this might prevent some from buying the model straightly from us --unless planning to do a significant purchase and thus to save postage expenses. Nevertheless, all those attending Salute 2013 in London will also be able to find it at Caliver Books' stand. Take advantage of the opportunity Dave Ryan is kindly bringing you!
PS: We've been holding for some days releasing of this new kit, in the prospect of having its own box properly designed and printed. However, as Salute 2013 date approaches, we've had to desist from such hope. Therefore, this very first batch of models is to be released in plastic bag with a header card --just as our 20GEV903 Bilbao AFV was.