Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Now stocking Sarissa Precision 1/72 buildings

We at Minairons have just started stocking on a permanent basis the new range of 1/72nd scale MDF building kits made by Sarissa Precision in close partnership with Plastic Soldier Company. Both companies have associated to build a beautiful range of affordable MDF architectural kits, certainly easy to build and paint, that will look certainly great on any 20th century wargame 20mm setting.

The first kits released consist of a Large Factory, Russian Village House #1, a magnificent Château and a Farmhouse. That's not all, though: both companies assure to have a new batch of buildings ready for next month!

Friday, January 20, 2017

13th International Brigade flags, and poll

I'm proud to show you our latest release: a Spanish Civil War flags sheet in all three scales altogether (1/100, 1/72 and 1/56). This means that we've already started reproducing our sheets in this latter scale too, and the unit chosen for such landmark is the XIIIth International Brigade, also known as Dąbrowski Brigade (or Dombrowski, once transliterated into Spanish phonetics). This unit was formed by Polish subjects mainly, but also by volunteers from other Baltic countries and a significant portion of Eastern European Jews. Their flags letterings and mottos used to show a concurrence of Spanish, Polish and Yiddish languages, as you can see below.

BTW, all three sets can already be purchased from our website.

I'd like to take advantage of this new multiple release for starting a poll among our customers and friends: if going to make another set of flags devoted to one particular International Brigade, which one would you like to be first? (see poll at right)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

SCW Basic Painting Guide 04: Left Wing Militias

We've just uploaded a new painting guide sheet onto website, this time devoted to generic left wing militias. As with preceding publications of this series, the purpose of such sheet is no other than bringing a number of choices and possibilities to average painters from the humble point of view of another, devoted hobbyist wih some (non-professional) experience --far from any scholarly lesson, then; it's not aimed at obtaining masterly but just decent enough results.

It has also been taken advantage for updating a bit the other three painting guides already published, into a 2.0 version. Nearly all of the updating performed regards only aesthetical or ortographical aspects --so you are presumably losing little if not downloading them again. Anyway, all four painting guides can be downloaded for free using this link. For doing so you must log in the website first, though.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More on the Wine Cellar

When some days ago we posted some preliminary captions on our forthcoming 1:72 Wine Cellar, someone requested us to post a few pictures else, showing the model along with figures of several scales for comparison, not just 20mm. Well, here they go at last:

In the photos, a Warlord 28mm Tommy, a 20mm German officer from Xan and a 15mm Soviet soldier by Battlefront.

Hope this helps!