Monday, November 26, 2012

Some of a Wishlist

I've just created a new page in this blog, quite significantly entitled as Wishlist. It has no other purpose than keeping a provisory register of what our customers and fans would like us to make, while awaiting the complete Wishlist Program we're planning to install in our final website, --whose development is about to conclude, thanks to the Gods of Olympus!

Please feel free to check contents of this admittedly primitive Wishlist and make the suggestions you esteem necessary. Naturally, you can also place a submission, if desired.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

T-26 design, almost ready

This is the overall look of our T-26 tank after the designing desk. Naturally, it can't be taken as an ultimate model yet, because opinions and suggestions of both mould maker and plastic factory manager must be heard before --and some will likely mean going back to desk. But it allows us to consider the designing work as nearly finished, very close to a (happy) end.







Your thoughts?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Retailers in the USA and Germany

painted 15mm Bilbao

I'm glad to confirm to you all that some new agreements have been reached for allowing Minairons Miniatures models to be fluently spread into a much wider geographical area, beyond that of the distribution deals already announced a few days ago.

BB-Toys logo Such is the case of Germany for instance, where our 1:72nd scale range will be found pretty shortly at the well-known BB-Toys shop, while a second company whose name can't be told yet has shown a strong interest in our 1:100th scale models.

HPC logo Minairons Miniatures are close to land in the United States too, thanks to an upcoming deal with Historical Products Company (HPC) for carrying our 1:72nd scale vehicles range, that matches so well with theirs own renowned metal SCW figures.

Some further talking has already started with French, Australian, Italian and Turkish retailers and distributors as well --although none of such possible deals can be confirmed yet. Except for the particular agreement with Caliver Books for an exclusive distribution in the UK by them, no other exclusivity conditions are currently contemplated yet, so that any further request is still welcome.

Please check our current retailers & distributors list on this page.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

15mm "Bilbao" Armoured Car first previews

This is one of the very first testing shots of our upcoming "Bilbao" Armoured Car in 1:100th scale, that have been cast for testing purposes as well as some artwork to be done on them by Rubén Torregrosa of Heresy Brush. Note below the scarce number of parts and the overall neat lines.

15mm Bilbao parts

Model is expected to enter production into the next two weeks, after some minor issues are ultimately fixed --such as the small holes that should attach the front wheels to their axles, for instance. Here below you can see a complete, 4-sided preview of the model:

15mm Bilbao left side
15mm Bilbao front
15mm Bilbao right side
15mm Bilbao rear

Another issue to take a decision about is the machine gun. As a first trial, we chose to oversize it with the aim of testing results. However, I sense it keeps being a better solution to provide for it a regular sized metal MG. Your thoughts?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Announcement of Distribution Deals

Caliver logo

I am really happy to announce that Minairons Miniatures has reached an exclusive distribution partnership with Caliver Books - Partizan Press, for this renowned company to become, from now on, our full effect speaker and exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom.

Waterloo 1815 logo Besides to this, another significant agreement has just been achieved with Waterloo 1815 so that this well-known firm will become a privileged stockist and distributor of Minairons' products in Italy.

There are good news for Irish aficionados too, because a similar deal has already been agreed with The Hobby Den; The Hobby Den logo not to speak about Germany yet, where a widely reputed local trader has just contacted Minairons for our products to be carried by them; as soon as an ultimate agreement is reached, their name will be publicly announced too.

In order to keep all these distributors and stockists conveniently visible and fully at hand of users, I've just created a new provisional blog page to keep track of them, whose name is Where to find us.