Wednesday, November 21, 2018

WSS flags range launched

Just as announced some weeks ago, a first set of War of Spanish Succession 28mm flags has already been released, devoted to the catalan "Saint Eulalia" Infantry Regiment. This set stands as a DIN A7 sheet comprising both king's and regimental colours for the mentioned unit and can already be acquired from our website. This very same flagsheet has been edited for 15mm and 20mm too --albeit under a 3-months pre-order program. So that, depending on its final results, thse versions will be also paper printed, or otherwise commercialized as PDF files. They can be checked here: 20mm version and 15mm version, respectively.

That's not all though, for a second set is already on the way; this one devoted to the also catalan "General Deputation" Infantry Regiment --one of the senior units in Charles Habsburg's army. Once again, its 28mm version will be directly brought to printers while its smaller sisters have fallen into the above mentioned pre-order program. All them can be checked and eventually pre-ordered from the following links: 28mm version, 20mm version and 15mm version.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Abraham Lincoln Battalion flags

We've just made available a flagsheet containing some flags used by the Abraham Lincoln Battalion, a renowned unit in the 15th International Brigade whose militants were not only US Americans, but Mexicans, Argentinians and Cubans as well. Sheet comprises a battalion and two different company flags.

This new flagsheet has been released simultaneously in 1/56, 1/72 and 1/100 scales. Each one can be checked and eventually purchased following these links: 28mm version, 20mm version, 15mm version.

Friday, November 2, 2018

War of Spanish Succession flags

Those of you fond of 18th c. gaming know that several brands are already offering quite comprehensive ranges of flags in virtually all the scales this period is gamed in. Would it be any room for another one, then? So I think, indeed. The reason why is that very few of the existing collections (if any) do include the armies of the peninsular theatre itself: either the flags own to Philip V and Charles VI, or even the Portuguese ones.

Helping to fill such huge gap is my intended goal. Therefore, following the request of a customer, Minairons is about to start editing a thoroughful range of War of Spanish Succession (1701-1715) military unit flags.

We are planning to produce such flags as small DIN A7 sheets (as customary amongst us) comprising two flag designs --the King's colour and the Regiment's colour of one given unit each. Sets will be designed primarily for 15, 20 and 28mm altogether; with a door open to edit them later for 6 and 10mm too, depending on demand.

Once a given set is designed and edited, its 28mm version will be immediately taken to printshop and made available. Otherwise, the 20 and 15mm versions of it will be put in webshop under pre-order status, awaiting user orders on them; so that a range will be printed when is met a minimum number of requests on the sheets belonging to it. Provisionally, I've set that minimum to hundred (100) units.

If eventually a given range (15 or 20mm) does not meet such minimum after a period of time, then I'll resign taking it to printshop; anyway, I'll make the affected sheets available alike, but as a downloadable PDF instead. Let's suppose provisionally a 3 months' term for doing so.

As already commented above, I'm planning to leave room for reproducing the range in 6 and 10mm too, depending on your requests. On this matter, there are still some decisions around to be taken, affecting product format (printed paper? PDF? 6-10mm versions separate or combined? and so). Let's take some time to keep thinking around, still. Your comments at regard can be decisive.