Saturday, October 20, 2012

Panzer I A: 21% off if pre-ordering now!

20GEV002 box

Once successfully completed the second injection test, the 1:72nd scale Panzer I A of Minairons Miniatures has been finally approved for production, so that we shall have it available before the end of October.

Our Panzer I A plastic sprue consists of only 10 pieces, 2 of which are alternative turrets --standard as well as "modificado" 20mm Breda gun. Model is available in a 3-sprue box which also includes a decals sheet with national markings for up to 4 early German), Kuomintang Chinese and Nationalist Spanish tanks.

20GEV002 contents

This set is to retail at EUR 18.95 normally, but we offer you to pre-order it now for only EUR 15.00. That is, over 21% off!

Development of our website is experiencing a 1-2 weeks delay, so it cannot be used for pre-ordering yet. However, you can formally pre-order using eBay: just locate it through this link or, alternately, search it by its item no., #271085292713. Of course, this launching promotion is also valid for attendants to Alpha ARES convention (Barcelona, Nov. 10-11), so this offer is valid until Sunday 11th November 2012 inclusive.

standard Panzer I A

Do not miss the chance --it's a 21% off!

modificado Panzer I A

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meet you in Barcelona!

Minairons Miniatures is glad to confirm attendance to the upcoming Barcelona games convention yearly organized by the local club Alpha-ARES under its own name. Such event has become with time not just one of the milestones in every Spanish aficionado's calendar, but the most significant wargaming show in Catalonia too.

Alpha-ARES 2012 poster

This is why, as a Catalan company, we at Minairons Miniatures had long dreamt of this convention as our formal birth date, beyond any cold reasonings about opportunity and so –and finally such will be the case indeed!

This year, the "Alpha-ARES 2012 : Jornades d'estratègia, simulació i miniatures" convention will be held on 10th – 11th November, at the Cotxeres de Sants civic centre & conventions hall as usual. As told, we are glad to publicly confirm our attendance there –with a pretty small stand, such as admittedly corresponding to a newly born firm... There you'll be able not only to meet us and chat about future plans, but also to purchase our very first 1/72nd scale Panzer I Ausf. A boxes, as well as to have a taste on our upcoming first 15mm AFVs –or even to acquire them too, good Hermes willing!

1/72 Panzer I A

Don't miss our banner!

Minairons banner

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bilbao AFV design, ready!

The designing process of our first resin model is already finished --quite satisfactorily, as you can see by the renders below:

Bilbao render 1

Bilbao render 2

Bilbao render 3

It's time now for mould making and some test shots, as well as some artwork, before this nice model is formally released. It not only enjoys a rotating turret, as you can see, but also its turret hatch can be opened. Model measures 54mm long and 20mm wide exactly --that is, a pure 1/100th scale!

Confidentially, I'm still a bit concerned about an eventual fragility of its machine gun. Such eventuality must be tested during our first mould shots. If such happens, I'm thinking about supplying it with a replacement metal machine gun.