Tuesday, December 29, 2020

'Miquelets' painted sample - and short guide!

I've taken advantage of these relatevely calm days, at the end of year, for painting a sample of the recently released Austo-catalan Mountain fusiliers, whose pictures might be of interest of some among you. They've been painted accordingly to Archduke Charles' regulations, as described by F. Castellví, who was a contemporary Catalan military chronicler exiled to Vienna after the war.

Following Castellví's descriptions, the standard uniform for Mountain fusiliers was a brown or musk coat with regimental facings, a red waistcoat, blue wide-legged trousers and a particular kind of gaiters called calcilles, made of leather or some tough fabric. It was usual for them to wear a strong, light-weight footwear made with braided esparto fibers, known as espardenyes (sp. abarcas).

Figures from this set have been painted following such pattern, as if belonging to Ebro Riverside Regiment, whose facings were red. However, it wasn't that unusual for some regiments to use blue instead of brown coats, and other variations are known too. As for 'miquelets' in French service, the uniform pattern I've most often seen includes blue coats with red facings, red waistcoats and blue trousers; hat laces would be white rather than yellow. Spain only created regular 'miquelet' regiments later in 18th century - and these used that very same colour schema too, albeit with red hat laces.

Horn blowers (or should I better say "sea shell blowers"...?) are known to wear a blue feather on their hat. Officers were expected to dress right as their men, and possibly most did so; although it is known for at least one to have dressed a red coat - a colour that regulations reserved in theory to generals only.

Following Vallejo's catalogue, base colours used in this particular job are: 70.985 Hull Red + a drop of 70.951 White for coats, 70.908 Carmine Red for waistcoats, 70.903 Intermediate Blue for trousers, 70.819 Iraqui Sand for gaiters, 70.950 Black for hats, 70.953 Flat Yellow for hat laces and 70.818 Red Leather for beltings. Otherwise, the officer wears red coat, royal blue trousers and white stockings.

As for what is known to-day, variations on the above described pattern were as follows: Guardian Angel, or Manuel Moliner's, Regiment: yellow facings, red trousers; St. Raymond of Penyafort, or Ermengol Amill's, Regiment: blue coat, yellow facings, red trousers; St. Vincent Ferrer, or Joan Vila's, Regiment: blue coat, red facings; Jaume Molins' Regiment: blue coat, red facings, off-white waistcoat and trousers, white gaiters; Segimon Torres' Regiment: unknown; Antoni Muñoz's Regiment: facings possibly yellow, rest undetermined; Joseph Marco's Companies, red facings perhaps red, rest undetermined.

Less can be asserted about irregular 'miquelet' units; for instance, the so-called Aragon Volunteers Regiment was reportedly dressed in blue coats, with also blue or white waistcoats and trousers (no facings known); General Moragues' and Colonel Llirós' guerrilla troopers didn't seemingly wear any uniform at all, although some iconic votive offerings preserved at the Seu d'Urgell town's Diocese Museum do show some dressed in musk or red coats, red or light brown waistcoats, and brown or musk trousers.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

BT-5 tank, retooled

It's not always all about creating and releasing brand new models. Sometimes, one must also seat, listen and think or even rethink one's stuff; and, as a result of such process, to spend some time, effort and money to redo some parts in order to improve already released model kits.

Such has been the case now of our 20GEV012 BT-5 Fast Tank, whose tracks had been made of resin so far. I'm happy to let you know that these parts are going to be white metal cast from right now on. Retooled kit is already fully available now.

Pricing keeps being the same, and kit itself will keep being accompanied by the customary 20GEC005 decal set too. Nothing else changes except for tracks. Hope you like this improvement!

Despite mobility or eventual confinement restrictions due to well known reasons, I wish you all the best Christmas day possible!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

New WSS range first sets!

I'm really excited to announce release of the first two sets belonging to our projected War of Spanish Succession 1/72 scale figure range. These two sets stand for the renowned austro-catalan Mountain Fusiliers or 'Miquelets'; and consist of a 4 musketeers set, all four showing different skirmishing poses, as well as a 3 figure command set - officer, horn blower and NCO. This latter is shown calmly smoking from his pipe, BTW.

Both sets are already available for purchase at our website, following this link.

Figures of this new range have been specifically designed for being compatible with Zvezda plastic miniatures, so being a bit larger than those of our already existing SCW range. Therefore, they should be considered as 'pure' 1/72 or 25mm, rather than 20mm.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Ship of the Line sample

I'm proud to show you pictures of a Ship of the Line sample from our 1/600 scale naval range, as masterly painted by a customer and gaming mate.

He has slightly modified the original model, just by adding two clear plastic lanterns on stern, as well as a flag staff made from a piece of wire.

As for what I know, its stand is a clear plastic rectangle textured with clear silicone.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Going for an early frigate now

Our small Age of Sail ships range keeps growing steadily; this in pictures is our upcoming release: a mid-17th century frigate, a boat design laying mid way between 16th century 'fast galleons' and 18th century proper frigates --or so it seems to me, at least. Swift and maneuverable, this is the kind of ship one would choose for naval scouting or privateering.

Model itself consists of 10 parts in total, with a hull resin and white metal rigging. Ultimate model kit is to be sold in box along with an appropriate flag sheet.

The assembled sample model you can watch in pictures has been slightly modified by adding two pieces of wire for flagstaffs - one at stern, the other on mainmast.

Friday, November 6, 2020

New 1/72 Trubia A4 Tank

I'm happy to announce release of a further 1/72 scale Spanish Civil War fighting vehicle, the Trubia A4 tank. Intended to replace the Renault FT-17 in Spanish service, its development started by 1925 and included an innovative turret design in two independent sections, each one armed with a MG. By the outbreak of civil war, three of these tanks fell into Nationalist hands, while the fourth one was held by the Republican side.

Model itself consists of 13 parts in total, 6 of which are resin while the rest are white metal. Turret sections can be glued together if desired, but you can also let them to rotate independently.

This new boxed model kit retails at €10.95 and can already be found at our website.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

WSS Portuguese Marine flags

Information on XVIII century portuguese military flags is very scarce, due to their national archives having been destroyed by either the 1755 earthquake or a fire in the 1820s. However, a few descriptions still survived so allowing us to guess at least general patterns, if not precise regimental colours.

Those we have released this week correspond to the Regimento (formerly Terço) da Armada, or portuguese Marine Infantry Regiment. Accordingly to experts, all flags carried by portuguese infantry were the same, and were unlikely to show any coat of arms, so that there were no differentiated King's and Regiment's Colours. However, we have thought it convenient to include an emblazoned version of the generally accepted flag, for just aesthetic reasons.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

1/72 Trubia A4 tank, almost ready!

I'm delighted to announce the upcoming release of a new Spanish Civil War AFV in 1/72 scale: 1926 Trubia A4 tank. Model tooling is finally complete, so we're just awaiting boxart and package printing now.

As you can see by the picture below, main hull, tracks and turret sections are resin cast, while MGs and other accessories are white metal cast - 13 parts in total.

We expect to release this new model in around 2 weeks' time. Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Baltic Sea naval flags

I've just released three new Age of Sail 1:600 scale flag sets, now related to Danmark, Sweden and Russia. As usual, each of such sets includes one large ensign, two medium sized flags, a small jack and a commission pennant.

All three can be found at our website, 17th century and 18th century flag sections.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Another WSS Infantry flags set

I'm pleased to announce release of a new set of War of the Spanish Succession flags, at 1/56th, 1/72nd and 1/100th scales together as usual. This new set stands for the Spanish "Lombardy" Infantry Regiment and comprises both King's and Battalion's colours.

Also, I've released a small guide giving some orientation on history of uniforms, flags and the unit itself, which is already available on www.minairons.eu website as a PDF file for free download.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

New Age of Sail flag sets

I've just released three new naval flag sets - those for a Renaissance to 1715 Majorcan privateer, a 1649-1658 English Republic warship and a 1660-1794 Dutch Man-of-war. As customary, such sets come as DIN A7 paper sheets comprising a large ensign, two mast flags, bow jack and pennant.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

WSS Catalan Guards flags & painting guide

I'm proud to announce release of a new set of War of Spanish Succession flag sets, printed in 1/100, 1/72 and 1/56 scales altogether as usual. New set is devoted to the renowned Charles Habsburg's Catalan Guards, an elite fighting and bodyguard infantry regiment raised in November 1705 amongst the so-called "vigatans" - a name standing for the original group of notables from Vic town who forged with England the Treaty of Genoa, by which Catalonia would raise in arms and side with Charles Habsburg's cause.

Along with the forementioned flag sets I've also released a free painting guide for this colourful guard regiment - as a PDF file for free download, as customary too.

Note to those eventually interested in my WSS painting guides: I've detected an error in my website by which it was not always downloaded the requested PDF file. Such error has just been fixed, so you can now download properly such regimental guides. Apologies for eventual inconveniences!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

More about the WSS range

As some of you do already know, we at Minairons are preparing a new range of War of Spanish Succession 20mm metal figures, to be sculpted by Leonid Primachenko. We're going to start the range with a couple of Austro-Catalan Mountain Fusilier sets - perhaps better known as they were nicknamed, Miquelets (or Migueletes in Spanish).

The first set will consist of 4 soldiers in campaign dress and heavily armed with musket and a couple of pistols in a side apron, all showing different skirmishing poses:

The second set will comprise an officer, an NCO and a horn blower. While showing a commanding pose, the officer is armed just as his men with musket and pistols. The NCO is calmly looking forward while smoking on pipe, with the musket at his side. As per Charles Habsburg's regulations, Mountain Fusiliers regiments were not supposed to have flags, but it can't be discarded that some units carried a standard to their colonel's taste (especially if irregular, volunteer units). If following Catalan folk-lore, these might likely be all black flags, St. George's crosses or double-headed eagles. So the NCO could be easily converted into a standard bearer if desired.

As for the horn blower (or should I say 'sea shell blower' for once?), please notice his hat is crowned by a side feather - usually blue. He's shown while blowing the sea shell. Such unusual instrument is attributed to the medieval Almogavars heritage Mountain Fusiliers alleged - one of the features sustaining their strong esprit de corps.

We expect to release those first sets over this Autumn - although we might make them available earlier as pre-order, if asked to. I can't give a quotation for them so soon, but a price of €4.95 for a 4 figure set (or €3.95 for a 3 figure one) seems quite likely right now.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Italian CTV Littorio Division flags

The Corpo Truppe Volontarie (CTV) was an expeditionary force sent by Italy to Spain to support the Nationalist forces during the Spanish Civil War. Their land forces consisted of around 50,000 men in four divisions (Littorio, Dio lo Vuole, Fiamme Nere and Penne Nere); among these, Littorio was the only fully motorized one, besides of enjoying an armoured force too.

We've just released a set of flags related to this Italian unit; at 1/100, 1/72 and 1/56 scales altogether as usual.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

New figure range to come

After a lot of time spent thinking around (years, actually!), this month I've finally taken the decision to start a new range of War of the Spanish Succession 1/72 figures, dedicated mainly to the too often forgotten peninsular armies; not just Philip d'Anjou's army, but also that one of Charles Habsburg - hopefully extending with time to Portuguese troops too, depending on this new range rate of success.

After some talk with other knowledgeable professionals, I've commissioned this new range to the well-known sculptor Leonid Primachenko, who has already excelled at sculpting horse & musket figures for other manufacturers. If taking a look at the pictures in this post, I believe you'll agree this is going to be a very promising range!

First figures commissioned are the couple of Austro-Catalan Mountain Fusiliers or Miquelets that you can see in pictures, that will be accompanied by another two figures to form a first set of 4 skirmishing fusiliers. A further set to follow shortly afterwards will comprise a Miquelets officer and horn blower.

Figures are to be around 20-21mm tall from feet to eyebrows, so 1/72 scale compatible. Here above you can see how does one of our figures compare to a GNW musketeer from Zvezda.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Three new Age of Sail flag sets

I'm pleased to show you our three latest Age of Sail flag sets at 1/600 scale; this time, all three are related to Mediterranean sea powers - starting with the Saint John's Cross of a Maltese warship, along with the flags for Catalan and Sicilian merchantmen or privateers.

If interested in such range, please don't hesitate and write to us for suggesting new designs!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

1/56 WSS flags - conversion finished too!

All my War of the Spanish Succession flag ranges have already been converted into pro printed paper sheets, from their old PDF versions. All them are now available as printed DIN A7 sized sheets comprising one King's and one Regiment's colour each.

If interested in those, please don't hesitate and write to us for suggesting new designs!

Friday, June 12, 2020

WSS flags 1/72 version - conversion complete!

Just as announced a couple of days ago, I'm converting my War of Spanish Succession ranges from digital PDF files into physical, pro printed DIN A7 sized paper sheets. I started with their 1/100 scale version, and now I've also completed conversion of their 1/72 version!

Now only their 1/56 scale version are still awaiting conversion. This will be done in a few days too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

War of Spanish Succession releases and update

I'm happy to announce the release of a new set of infantry flags for War of Spanish Succession, devoted to Philip V's Spanish Guards, an elite regiment created in 1703 on the model of Louis XIV's Gardes Françaises. Released in 1/100, 1/72 and 1/56 scale versions altogether, these new items are presented in DIN A7 format paper sheets and comprise one Kings's colour and one Regiment's colour each.

Also, I'd like to acknowledge you that all my WSS flag sheets are no longer going to sell as PDF files, but as pro printed DIN A7 paper sheets too. Over a period of a few weeks, the already released flag sheets will be progressively converted to such new format - starting by their 1/100 scale versions, that are already available in the new shape right now!

Here below you have a sample of Catalan Deputation IR flags on standard bearers kindly provided by Eureka Miniatures.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Age of Sail Chinese Junk flags!

If anyone was missing some Far East naval powers ensigns and flags, in order to add some colour to their deadly war junks, I hope these two new releases will be useful and tempting enough to you! For I've just made available two new sets of 1:600th scale naval flags devoted to Chinese ships during Ming and Qing periods - quite roughly, between XVI and XIX centuries.

Despite splitted into two sheets, one for each period, most of the flags in them can be combined quite freely to some extent. Only tips to be held in mind there, are that red dragon flags were dominant during Ming dynasty, while blue dragons were preferred by the later Qing emperors; also, that Chinese ships used to place their ensign-like dragon flags not at stern, but on main mast instead. Sterns were often decorated with five smaller flags, one of each colour (at least during Ming period). And last, that red-dotted flags were apparently used by civilian ships only.

Hope you like them!

Friday, May 29, 2020

New Cannone da 105/28

I'm happy to show you our latest Spanish Civil War product at 1/72 scale: the Ansaldo Cannone da 105/28, widely used by Italy in WW2 - and SCW too, of course!

This new model is entirely white metal cast and consists of just 5 parts - these including the characteristic rubber tire wheels it was given since 1937. Wooden spoked wheels might be used for it too - here below you have a sample with such wheels installed.