Thursday, November 12, 2015

OT-130 Chemical Tank conversion kit

We've just made available a conversion kit for converting our 1/72 T-26 mod. B tank into a Soviet OT-130 flamethrower tank. This consists of a small set of resin parts that can be adapted onto our T-26 hard plastic kit. As it can be guessed by its configuration, this set is also suitable for other makes' own T-26, thanks to the rectangular resin platform allowing kit to have its turret balanced to the right side --unlike "normal" T-26s, that had it balanced to the left.

Here below you have some captions on what does this tank look like, once superbly painted by the talented Heresy Brush:
A first batch of OT-130 flamethrower tanks is already available from this particular page in Minairons website.


Anonymous said...

very nice...was it used during SCW?..and the colour on the sides of the turret what does it represent?

Soldadets said...


This T-26 variant wasn't used in SCW, but is own to Winter War and early WWII instead. The white and blue bands on turret are Finnish markings --alternative to the well-known hakarísti cross of that country.