Thursday, October 31, 2019

Brand new website and SCW figures

Finally, works to update and improve our website are over. It has been some of a pain and a lot of money, but I believe it has been worth the effort. SSL protocols, cellular friendly software, non-registered visitor carts and, above all, the open chance to easily improve it furthermore - all this in!

Any software change uses to leave some path behind though, like a slug: user profiles of newly registered customers (from the last 3-4 weeks) might have got lost, for instance. Also, orders history of old customers having ordered recently might not show the orders processed over that 3-4 weeks period (despite all them have been actually processed). But that's all; website is running fine and smooth now - like an Hispano-Suiza. Please feel free to visit it and check how it works now.

So as to celebrate the event, we've made available a new SCW figure set right today. It consists of a pair of 20mm Republican dispatch riders on Harley Davidson motorcycles - all in white metal. They can be found right now at our website, naturally.