Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Re-mastered 1/72 Bilbao preview

20GEV003 box
This is what our next-to-come 1:72nd scale Bilbao Armoured Car will look like, once entirely re-mastered from the basis of re-scaling our CAD prototype --initially produced at 1:100th.
20GEV003 parts
20GEV003 detail
As you can see, hard plastic fore wheels and machine gun have been re-scaled too. And they do fit perfectly!
20GEV003 right view
20GEV003 left view
You can see next our armoured car accompanied by two 20mm figures --a Republican officer from Bandera/HPC and a standard-bearer from Irregular. Apologies for their battle weary look --chipping, unfinished flag and so--, I should have repaired them before pictures!
next to 20mm figures
Minairons' 1/72 Bilbao will be released on August 15th as a boxed set. It will include 2 resin armoured cars, one hard plastic sprue with 4 fore wheels and 2 MGs, and one paper sheet containing 3 textured flags.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Going for figures now?

Well, sooner or later it had to happen: we have finally started considering a range of figures matching our SCW model kits. After considering pros and cons, we've thought it better to start a full range in 1:72nd scale, or 20mm. Such figures will be primarily white metal --not having completely discarded though to make some in other materials such as plastic or resin.

We have found full willingness and involvement of Juan G. Bautista of Xan Miniatures, who has already started working out some drawings on our first set: Republican Regular Infantry. Here you can see such preliminary artwork:
Our first set would consist of a 15-men Platoon boxed set, containing all the miniatures necessary for building a full Infantry Section including one or two NCOs, according to the TO&Es in Spain in Flames/España en Llamas unofficial variant of Flames of War. The pictures you can see show the set planned 8 basic postures --variations apart.
This first set would be followed by a Company HQ and support weapons, allowing you to build an entire Company if desired, by just adding Platoon sets to the core Company HQ. At such an early stage, we can't give you any schedule. However, you can already have for sure we shall push it forward! As said above, it had to happen --sooner or later.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Our next 1:100 tank

After a good deal of starting doubts, we did finally take a decision on what model bringing to life next in this scale. In the end, it will be no other than the T-26 tank models A & B --already released at 1:72nd quite recently. In hard plastic, too.

15GEV005 box
These ubiquitous tanks will be sold by the platoon box, containing each box 5 tank sprues, besides of a decals sheet with basic Russian, Fininish, Turkish, Spanish Republican and Spanish Nationalist markings --5 markings sets for each nationality! The tank basic design remains the same as its 1:72nd counterpart --except for the tank commander, that has been entirely re-tooled.
15GEV005 crewman
Here you can watch a few mould captions, attesting us to be working at a good pace:
15GEV005 mould A
15GEV005 mould B
We expect mould to be finished up by the end of month, so that the first testing sprues can be shot before August holidays. In the meanwhile, decals are being printed too, and boxes are ready. If all the rest keeps going as expected, Minairons' 1:100th T-26 tank will be available for pre-order since mid-August. Ultimate release, by the first week of September.
15GEV005 box reverse

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Now also stocking Heer46

Heer46 logo We are happy to acknowledge you all that Minairons Miniatures webshop will from now on have a permanent stock of the amazing 1:100th scale models made by Heer46, a small firm from Germany who's got specialized at bringing to life the terrifying super-heavy tanks designed by the engineers of late III Reich --such as the Pz.Kpfw VII Löwe (=Lion); or the E-50, E-75 heavy tanks along with their corresponding tank hunters or Jägdpanzers.
Heer46 tanks
Thanks to this, we expect not just to provide our customers the widest possible range of choices for optimyzing their purchases, but also to strengthen our ties with those manufacturers sharing a philosophy kinship with us --such as Plastic Soldier Company for instance.

Wish this kind of initiatives are pleasing to you!
Heer46 tanks

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Now stocking Plastic Soldier

PSC Logo Some of you might have noticed that Plastic Soldier Company are selling our products from their website since a while ago. We've thought it fair and profitable to perform in correspondance, so we've decided to carry PSC's own ranges from our own www.minairons.eu website in turn, as well as Zvezda's Art of Tactic stuff --just as they do, too.

PSC Warsprays So from now on, you'll be able to find in our website not only PSC's own 1/72 and 1/100 models and figures, but also their renowned War Sprays, their WWII plastic bases or even their not long ago released Battlegroup WWII gaming rule sets.

Of course, we aren't able to afford a full stock of PSC's complete listing yet --but anything in their catalogue can certainly be dealt with by us. Just ask us for a specific item, and we shall eagerly bring it to you.