Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SCW Basic Painting Guide 02: Nationalist Army

SCW Painting Guide 2
It's already available our 2nd SCW Painting Guide, this one devoted to the Nationalist Army. It can be downloaded from the Other Stuff/Rules & Books/Free Downloads section of website, or just by clicking on the image above. Be aware though that, if the original file were updated in a future, then this link might become no longer valid, so that you'd have to go for our website anyway.

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Just Jeff said...


Another fine painting guide. I have one question regarding color for Nationalist/Peninsula Pre-War Army in shirtsleeve order?

I suspect the forthcoming La Legion release will include shirt color, which is the same as the Nationalist/Peninsula Regular Army.

However, the Requetes have been out for some time without one of your wonderful painting guides as well.

Thank you for all you do to promote and support GCE/SCW history, modeling, an wargaming!

Regards, Jeff