Sunday, September 20, 2015

Joining the Militia

POUM militia
Our sculptor Xan has kindly drawn some sketches on our forthcoming 20mm miniatures set, devoted to Spanish Civil War militias. Such drawings reflect quite faithfully our original conception, that mused around an 18-figure extended set - with a composition similar to the militiawomen one.
20GEF012 concept

Thus, our upcoming set will comprise 12 riflemen, a Colt Browning M1895 MG along with its 2-man team, two officers or commissars and a standard bearer, all them showing unique poses. Are you ready for joining them?
20GEF012 concept
20GEF012 xoncept


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm of course thrilled that you are *finally* ( ;-) ) doing the militia, but personally I would prefer separate packs of 'command' and 'men' like with the other troop types.

I really don't need an MG team, officer and commissar for every 12 riflemen, so after the first pack, that is 1/3 of each subsequent pack that is wasted. With some battalions only having one machine gun amongst 500 men, it is a bit excessive.

The sketches look great though and I'm looking forwards to seeing them 'in the lead'!

Soldadets said...

I do understand your reasonings, Jim. However, I'd like to remark that we must balance boxes contents with a lot of different rulesets in mind, each one at a different scale level - and we cannot fulfill all of them altogether.

True that it will be easier completing a Militia unit with this set to someone gaming at battalion level than to anyone used to lower scales, such as myself or probably you. But we've also had in mind three supplementary factors:

A high proportion of our customers do already have a collection built up with other makes' figures, and many of those purchasing our set will be actually planning to complete half-built units, or to give a use to spare/remnant figures of such other makes --we're aware not to be opening any brand new market, but just adding fuel to an already existing one ;)

Also, that spare MGs will be needed to anyone wishing to give an external support to their Militia columns under form of a Regular MG Company. This one MG servers will be sculpted so as to re-usable as regular soldiers if needed.

However, I must admit to have been maybe influenced by my own idea of Militia columns/companies as units suffering of severe understrength - so judging this set as sufficing to the intended purpose.

Thanks anyway for your thoughtful comment!

Anonymous said...

What a great addition to the range, I must ask my boss for a pay rise, I cant keep up with all your developments.

simon r