Tuesday, November 17, 2015

1/72 SCW Militiamen preview

I'm happy to show you a preview on our next 1/72 figures set, this time devoted to Spanish Civil War Militias, that have been sculpted for us by Xan as customary. We feel especially proud of this new set, and I believe you'll understand why:
20GEF012 one
20GEF012 two
20GEF012 three
20GEF012 four
20GEF012 five
20GEF012 six
Greens are already in hands of our foundry, so it can be reasonably expected to have a first batch of them cast in two weeks' time.


Anonymous said...

Just when I thought I had enough militamen!

Great news, and a remarkably continously high standard by Xan who has varied the flagbearer theme very nicely. Also amazing level of detail - just look at the flagbearer's belt! Regards, Pat

Anonymous said...

Need a couple sets of these, along with the new artillery piece and OT130. Can't wait!