Saturday, May 30, 2015

1/72 SCW Nationalist Cavalry Command available

20GEF010 box
We have now available a new SCW 20mm figures set, the second one devoted to the Nationalist Cavalry. These new figures comprise a complete command group: officer, standard bearer, bugler and horse holder - thus becoming ideal for complementing our first one, that consisted of five horse troopers. Now you just need to gather one 20GEF010 Cavalry Command set and as many 20GEF009 horsemen sets as you need, depending on the unit size you're willing to build.
20GEF010 contents
As you can see in the image above, horses are made of three parts, so as to make the figure slightly lighter, as well as to allow users some variation. Parts do fit quite well IMHO - even a Kingkong-fingered guy as I am will spend no more than a few minutes on each horse! Also, set is complemented by a small paper sheet with a cavalry standard and several banners (for if anyone needs them for building a lancers unit). Here below you can watch the new set of Minairons figures once assembled and primed.
built 20GEF010
Priced at €15.95 as customary with our figures sets, this new Minairons box is already available at our website - and hopefully soon from our main distributors and retailers too!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

1938 Racing Cars, now at 1:100th scale

15GPX001 box
Just as promised when launching, a few months ago, a brand new series of Grand Prix racing cars at 1:72nd scale, we have now re-scaled them into 1:100th too.
15GPX001 contents
As it can be seen on the picture above, set includes 3 different racing cars: Mercedes Benz W154, Auto Union type D and Alfa Romeo c12/312. Just as their 1:72 sisters, each model consists on a single part resin hull, two white metal shafts, four resin wheels and a white metal driver. Set is completed too by a decals sheet with number serials in white, black, blue and red.
Priced at €21.95, this new Minairons set is already available at our website, and hopefully soon from our main distributors and retailers too.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015