Thursday, September 27, 2012

No partnership

Sadly, our conversations with Falcata Miniaturas haven't resulted in the durable partnership agreement we'd have desired, due to a latest hour disagreement. However, neither of both firms has desisted from an eventual, looser kind of co-operation deal in a future. In spite of this rather unexpected setback, we at Minairons Miniatures still keep our own production schedules at full, as well as Falcata Miniatures also does --so that exciting news for you customers are expectable from both firms, in the short term.

As an evidence of such commitment, I'm pleased to confirm to you all that a new range of resin vehicles, 3D-designed by ours own, has just been started. This resin range is aimed at complimenting our regular plastic ranges, following a style consistent to these and using their very same scales. Thanks to such, we shall be able to produce rare or short-run AFVs as desired --by our own, with no subjection to third parties.

Our first model in this new range will be the charismatic Bilbao armoured car --to be released in 1/100th scale first. We're already designing it!

Bilbao car

Also, we have just opened a new section in this blog, under the quite explicit name of "provisory catalogue" (click for a glance). This is intended to permanently show our current releasing expectations --as well as serving as some prequel to the future wishlist & working progression page we shall install in our final website,

As for the mentioned website, work on it has taken speed lately, so that I can reasonably expect now to have it working just in time for our first release --that is, around mid-October.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Partnership announcement

I am happy to publicly announce that, after several weeks of intense, stimulating discussion, Minairons miniatures has just concluded a durable partnership agreement with Falcata miniaturas, a well-known Spanish-based manufacturer of white metal miniatures.

combined logos

By the terms of such agreement, from now on Falcata will manufacture Spanish Civil War metal figures and resin vehicles in exclusive for Minairons, in those same scale ranges we are going to produce in plastic.

Not necessary, in my view, to detail the easily imaginable benefits achieved by both firms through such an agreement (you know: production costs, regular income, etc). Inversely, I would like to point you out the advantages it will report to the gaming community as a whole.

First of all, you'll experience a faster catalog growth rate than expected if production had been restricted to just plastic. Thus, Minairons miniatures will be able to surprise you (pleasantly, I guess) with new releases nearly every month. Either plastic or resin vehicles, or metal figures, even accessories and scenics!

T-26 screenshot

Secondly, we shall be able to take on virtually any SCW vehicle or figure, with almost no exceptions. So far, we couldn't even dream of seeing certain items in plastic --due to production costs and amounts. But now we'll become able to manufacture these in resin instead. Such is the case of the archetypal "tiznaos" improvised armour, or that of short-run tanks such as Euzkadi, Trubia, Barbastro or IGC Sadurní d'Anoia... Not to say about softskin vehicles!

IGC Sadurní d'Anoia

Finally, a new range of metal figures will be added to those existing so far. We honestly believe it positive to the gaming community as a whole --other manufacturers included! Because both the 15mm and 20mm already existing ranges have either experienced little evolution lately, or lacked enough representation, with too few brands in concurrence.

Fans of 28mm category might still feel a little disappointed after noticing our rather limited mention to them in this announcement. I beg you to understand, however, that these are also good news for them, because it makes a huge step forward in the consolidation of our humble firm. Such consolidation will allow us to feel ourselves strong enough to extend to 28mm too in a near future, as our intention still is.