Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New 20mm separate heads

We've just made available two new sets of separate heads for Spanish Civil War 20mm figures customization. These are the much requested Isabelino caps and Berets:

Originally intended as a forage headgear, Isabelino caps are suitable for regular troops of both sides, but also for Militias --either left-winged or Falangists.

On their side, berets can be used for virtually any troop type of both SCW sides --but are especially distinctive of Requeté Carlists, Basque Army, Militia and even tank troops.

After these two additions, our alternative headgear 20mm range now comprises up to 9 different sets. All them can be found on Minairons web shop.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Black Friday at Minairons

Free shipping worldwide for all orders equal or over €50.00 EUR, since Thursday 23rd until Thursday 30th November 23:59PM (UTC+1).

This Black Friday promotion applies to all the ranges on our website and currently in stock. If doubtful about any product availability, don't hesitate and write to us.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

1:72 Wine Cellar released!

This year, the Alpha-ARES veteran wargaming club has merged its prestigious yearly show into the larger format DAU Barcelona event, that is sponsored by Barcelona municipality to promote gaming habit among population. Historical wargaming will have its room there, next Saturday 18th; and, as it couldn't be otherwise, Minairons Miniatures will be attending to it once again.

Next to our stand, a group of gaming friends from AJJRR Reus town gaming club will hold a gorgeous 1938 Gandesa battle scenario using 1:72 scale (20mm) miniatures from Minairons and other makes. The spectacular scenario shown is going to incorporate the first ever assembled and painted model kit of our long since announced Wine Cellar --a large scenery piece reproducing an architecural feature common to many villages in southern and central Catalonia. Model kit is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, that also serves as a central core around which the rest of building components are assembled.

As said, this is a large scenery piece, likely to capture watchers' sight not less than a cathedral. The whole boxed kit weighs around 0.59 kg and, once built, building model size is to be 26.5 cm long x 16 cm wide x 16 cm high approximately. It is already available on Minairons website at the price of €59.95 --however, during DAU Barcelona event only we shall retail it at a 15% discount, as a promotion. Don't miss the chance!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

New website Section and Range

Minairons had got so far known primarily for its range of Spanish civil war miniatures, mainly at 1/72nd scale, but also to some extent at 1/100th and 1/56th too. However, I am writing these lines to formally start a completely new range of model kits, dedicated to a totally different period and on a different scale.

So, while a professional artist begins to give color and volume to our first model of such new range (a large Age of Sail transoceanic Renaissance galleon at 1/600th scale, that can be watched in the photo above), please allow me to introduce the new section we have just open on Minairons website:

Awaiting the release date of such first model, our naval collection already consists of a dozen sheets of ensigns and naval flags of XVII and XVIII centuries, complemented by the complete Range 18 from Peter Pig, consisting of sail ships and various accessories (crews, cannons and rowing boats). As you can see from the attached photos below (taken on models from my own collection decorated with Minairons flags), there is a high compatibility between both brands' products:

Our current schedule can be checked on our blog's Pipeline page, while a wide selection of sail ships, as well as 17th and 18th centuries naval flags sets are awaiting adhesions in our website Wishlist page.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Shipping fees drop to UK customers

I'm sad to announce that The Plastic Soldier Company is no longer going to carry and distribute Minairons Miniatures stuff. They haven't formally acknowledged me over yet (something I would have greeted anyway), but all clues and indications do confirm this is irreversible. This circumstance saddens me even more if recalling that I had always taken PSC as a model to follow.

However, setbacks along the way should not make us stop, look back and regret. Nothing is gained like this. This is the reason why, after some thinking, I've chosen to be proactive and decide the following: as while as Minairons Miniatures does not achieve a trade deal with another UK company replacing PSC as distributor or even retailer, I've dropped all order shipping fees to individual British & Irish customers to local rates (the same ones enjoyed by Spanish customers), as if Minairons was based in the UK.

No need to add that every UK & Ireland local shop is warmly invited to get in touch with us and purchase Minairons stuff directly from us, so avoiding intermediaries --as other shops in Spain, EU and USA are already doing. Please find here our general terms for retail.