Friday, July 25, 2014

1/72 Benach M1935 tank preview

The next time you'll see pictures of this model, it will be already on sale!
The images in this article show you a couple of 1/72nd scale Benach M1935 fast tanks together, one on tracks and the other on road running gear - that is, with the tracks unlinked and tightly locked over the wheels as if mudguards they were. According to the tank patent explanations, the middle wheels had to be then automatically lifted, so as to leave the tank on 4 wheels only.
When launched, the complete boxed set will comprise 2 tanks, with the purpose of allowing the user to build each one in a different running gear configuration if desired. The model kit will be mostly resin, with a few smaller parts in white metal. It will consist of a maximum of 11 parts.
As some of you perhaps recall when we first spread the word about it, Benach M1935 fast tank is how we ultimately christened an unnamed tank design projected and patented in 1935 by the Benach Tractors factory in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia town (Catalonia) - pretty close to our own headquarters location! That factory, renowned by its civilian tractors of that name, is the same one that during the Spanish Civil War produced the Benach improvised tanks first, and the Sadurní d'Anoia tank, carrier and artillery tractor later - all them, already produced by Minairons Miniatures.
Benach tractor
Benach improvised tank
Here you have this innovative to its time tank, portraited along with a Minairons T-26, so that you can get an idea on its size - similar to that of a BT-5 fast tank.
20IGV002 & 20GEV005

Saturday, July 19, 2014

1/72 Renault FT-17 preview

Here you have a preview on the next SCW fighting vehicle we are going to release in a few weeks, after a holidays short parenthesis in August. It is a Renault FT-17 fast assembly model kit in black hard-plastic. FT-17 was the pre-war Spanish Army standard light tank, so that some 10 to 12 of them were active at the outbreak of Civil War - such number possibly also including one Fiat 3000 purchased for evaluation. Later, the Basque Government acquired a number of supplementary Renaults, mainly from Poland.
This time we've chosen not to toolmake an entirely new model, but to take advantage of a widely appreciated already existing model and improve it. Our kit then consists of a hull sprue kindly supplied by HäT, complimented by another sprue of our own including both turrets (Renault and Berliet) and two alternative weapons (Hotchkiss MG and Puteaux gun), all in one single kit.
20GEV006 parts
The complete boxed set will comprise 2 or 3 tanks (we're still debating such feature), and a complimentary decals sheet as customary. This latter including SCW Basque and Spanish Communist markings, as well as WWII French insignia and VBCW Anglican League roundels, so as to allow users the most choices in a single set.
20GEV006 sprues
If finally packed in 2-tanks box, this new set will be priced € 13.95 like our T-26, while if boxed by the 3 tanks, then it will cost € 18.95, just as our Panzers I A. Whatever the choice, single sprues are to be available too at € 5.95, as well as separate decals at € 2.00. Forecast release deadline within September.
20GEV005 & 20GEV006 altogether

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lovely & fearsome: 1/72 Militiawomen

20GEF011 box
We are immensely proud to let you know our long expected 20GEF011 SCW Militiawomen set is ready and available at last. Unlike our previous regular infantries sets, this is a special box comprising not just 13 riflewomen and 2 NCOs, but also a reduced format command set comprising a capitana leader, standard bearer, 2-girls LMG team and a flag sheet with the standards of 3 different female battalions. 19 total figures, 19 poses there.
20GEF011 (1)
20GEF011 (2)
20GEF011 (3)
20GEF011 (4)
As our releasing letany uses to say, this new figures boxed set is already available through our website - and hopefully soon from our main stockists and retailers too!
20GEF011 box reverse

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New 1/56 Chevrolet truck available

28GEV018 box
After a good number of months waiting, our 1/56 scale supporters can now enjoy another Spanish Civil War model in their favourite scale. This is 1937 Chevrolet 1.5ton truck, a high quality resin model kit composed by 17 parts --6 of which are white metal.
28GEV018 parts
assembled 28GEV018
painted 28GEV018
This new 1/56 scale softskin vehicle is already available through our website - and hopefully soon from our main stockists and retailers too!
28GEV018 box reverse

Sunday, July 6, 2014

1/72 frontline Bookmobile in production

Ford Bookmobile
We've already got this nice model in hands of our resin caster, so we're certain now to have it ready in time for its marked deadline in September. Here below you can watch some shots of it:
As you can see below, the bookmobile can be easily transformed into an ambulance by the addition of a windows side panel:
Decals for this set have already been printed, while a beautiful librarian figure is being cast right now too, so... everything ready for launching!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New 1/72 Nationalist Command & Weapons

It's now available a further set of Spanish Civil War 20mm figures: 20GEF007 Nationalist Command & Weapons, that comes to complete our previously released 20GEF006 Nationalist Infantry. The new set contains 13 figures and a separate Hotchkiss HMG, besides of an appropriate paper sheet plentiful of Nationalist Army flags. Here you have a few (poorly taken) pictures of it all:
Command group front view
Command group rear view
LMG teams front view
LMG teams rear view
HMG & mortar teams front view
HMG & mortar teams rear view
This new 20GEF007 Nationalist Command & Weapons is priced exactly the same as former sets of this range --that is, €15.95 the box. It can already be purchased right now from our website.