Saturday, May 3, 2014

New 1/72 Nationalist Infantry

20GEF006 box
According to theoretical deadlines, the first sets of our 1/72 Nationalist Infantry should already be in our headquarters. However, the foundry where they're being cast has experienced an unexpected increase of work lately, affecting a bit their pending orders. Not any problem though, because that only means some three or four days of delay --no more. This is why we've decided to make them available for order in our webstore anyway, in the full confidence we'll be able to ship those ordered sets before the end of week.

Such is the shape the new set, made by Juan Bautista too, has ultimately taken:
20GEF006 greens I
20GEF006 greens II
20GEF006 greens III
20GEF006 greens IV
As customary in our SCW figures range, all 15 infantrymen in this set are different to each other --no repeated poses. Two of them are armed with SMGs and/or show leading poses, thus easing to be used as NCOs. Pricing policy keeps being the same one started with our Republican sets: € 15.95 RRP the box.

Work on the next Nationalist set has already started, allow us a few days for posting some preliminary sketches on them!


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! I wasn't expecting to see those today, an order has been placed.

Simon r.

Enrique said...

great models from a great sculptor for a cheap Price!!!


Anonymous said...

These are really good-looking miniatures: plenty of life, original but very useful poses, very promising! Regards, Pat