Monday, May 12, 2014

Good news for UK customers

PSC We are exultant to let you know that The Plastic Soldier Company, who are our main distributor in the United Kingdom, has just decided to venture unreservedly into Spanish Civil War; having thus recently introduced our full catalogue in their trade listings, as well as into their own online webshop. I'm convinced this will be good news to our wide community of British customers, who will from now on have the chance to get our models and figures direct from an UK trader, so saving some shipping money.

Rif Raf Also, some might like to know that Rif Raf Miniatures are willing to carry our 1/56th scale models too, due to having judged these to be an ideal compliment to their excellent own range of Spanish Civil War 28mm figures --with a prospective at tightening closer our deal, for Rif Raf figures might be welcome in Spain and, if so, we'd love carrying them. Rif Raf Miniatures own website has already been updated with our 1/56 products too.


Beaty said...

Excellent news, many thanks chaps! :)

Soldadets said...

Thanks to PSC guys, who have finally given them a chance! :)