Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Release of 1/100 WWII Flakpanzer I ausf. A

15GMV001 box
Really delighted to present you our first WWII model kit! It's the Flakpanzer version of Panzer I ausf. A at 1/100th scale --a mixed kit consisting of 6 hard plastic, 7 high quality resin and 1 white metal parts, besides of 3 German crewmen also in white metal. Such 15mm crewmen have been sculpted by Angel Terol.
15GMV001 parts
One single Panzerabteilung was provided with these mobile AA weapons; formed in Romania just before Barbarossa, it participated in the invasion of Ukraine and ended up its days at Stalingrad.
painted 15GMV001
You can watch in the picture above what do these vehicles look like, once painted by Rubén Torregrosa of Heresy Brush. 1/100 Flakpanzer I ausf. A is already available at our website. It can be acquired by the two in a box, complimented by an assembling instructions sheet.
15GMV001 box reverse
The 1/72nd scale version of this AA vehicle is already finished too --it will be released within May.

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