Wednesday, May 28, 2014

End of May state of things

Just a few works to let you know what we have in hands right now, a few days before the month is over. Our next novelty will come next week, when we're going to release at last the 1/100 version of Panzer / Befehlswagen I ausf. B. All components are ready, we're just awaiting boxes to be printed. Once released this one model, the whole SCW Panzer I family will be available at both 1/72 and 1/100 scales.
Right afterwards and still within June, we have two models else awaiting their turn --the one at 1/72 scale, the other one at 1/56. A first batch of both is already cast, we're just expecting their respective artwork to be finished for starting box design. Which one will be ready first? Well, place your bid please!

One of the models in contest is the 1/72 scale version of Henschel Type 33 heavy truck, already released at 1/56 some time ago. This kit is nearly identical to its larger sister, except for having a white metal SCW driver included in it.
The other candidate is 1/56 Chevrolet 1.5ton truck --one model we're especially fond of. We cannot determine yet which one is to be released first, and launching of the one excludes the other for both logistic and financial reasons - too unlikely and costly to have up to 3 boxes designed and printed in just one month. The loser in this race will have to wait until next July, sadly.
Besides, it is also expectable for within June our 4th white metal infantry set - 20mm Nationalist Command & Weapons. Greens are being sculpted right now, so we're within deadlines. Just a note about white metal figures schedule: this range is the less likely one to drop from a previously given deadline, for it enjoys the maximum priority.

In July we'll see the birth of two 1/72 sets else: white metal Militiawomen and a hard plastic Renault FT-17. No images on this latter yet, but I'm confident to be able to show you some ultimate sprues pretty soon.


Beaty said...

Wow! So much going on! ...I have my favouite - the Chevrolet 1.5ton! So fingers crossed that goes ahead (and that it gets the 1/72 treatment soon afterwards).

In any case, some wonderful models.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the Chevrolet 1.5ton, can I vote more than once please?? :)

Simon r.