Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1/72 Militiawomen preview

As commented a few days ago, our next set of SCW 20mm figures will be a Nationalist Command & Weapons box, release of which is currently forecast for June. What is to come next, then?

Just as their male infantrymen equivalents, our upcoming SCW Militiawomen collection is to consist of two boxed sets, the first one comprising 15 first line Militiawomen, and the second one gathering female command, standard bearer and rearguard employees. We'd like you to have a first glance on such first female set greens, and let us know your opinion:
20GEF011 greens
20GEF011 greens
In the pictures above you can see only 14 figures; the 15th one in the set is a Dinamitera that you can watch below:
20GEF011 greens
Unlike the rest of our SCW 20mm figures range, that is being sculpted by the experienced Juan Bautista of Xan Miniatures, this particular collection of female figures has been commissioned to Angel Terol --who had a first experience with us at making the 15mm German crewmen for Flakpanzer I ausf. A.

This new set is scheduled for July 2014, just behind the release of Nationalist Command & Weapons.


Anonymous said...

I like the poses and the general sculpting, and can also see other use for these miniatures (like partizans).

Hate to say but the hairstyle is not realistic. Most of us have seen the popular images of the miliciana with open hair (and possibly make-up) but this is a combat team, so they should have their hair tied. If you look at any woman at (physical) work, her hair will likely be tied. Regards, Pat

Anonymous said...

They look very purposeful, the crouching group of 5 figures in the middle photo are my favourites.

Simon r.

Soldadets said...

Thanks for the comments, Sirs :)

Pat, not completely agree with you. True that your reasoning about hair dressing makes a lot of sense, but contemporary graphical evidence does not always support logics.

Besides, at the time of making playing miniatures we must pay attention not only to historical evidence, but also to gamers' likely taste at regard. There's some of sketchy look at these figures, certainly - we believed many gamers would like better girls actually looking like girls, rather than campaign-hardened "poilus" ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the look of these. I think the poses are very good and very realistic.
I am looking forward to the command set.

Chris N.

Napoleon said...


I think they look great.
A couple of years ago there were only two decent sets SCW (BUM) The Legion and Republican Infantry.
Now thanks to Minairons my Spanish forces are growing and growing.
I expect the delivery of my ordered Nationalist Infantry within a couple of days. If they are as good as the Republican set all's well.
Last but not least we are also getting vehicles for this long neglected conflict.
And a couple of them (in the pipeline or on the wishlist can be used for WWII.
So I Say: thanks Minairons.

Anonymous said...

Like others, I have been wondering what to do with an all-female command set. May I suggest to create the "command" set around some poses not available otherwise in your range: medic, nurse, field telephone operator, driver (seated), signaller, runner, forward observer, sentry, women carrying all sorts of stuff onto the battlefield, mule driver... should sell better than another MG crew and would fit the "command" (or rather staff) ticket. Just a suggestion as I said. Regards, Pat

Soldadets said...

Pat, I'm quite doubtful too. I've been warned by others about an eventual lack of consistence of that particular set, or little usefulness...

Please read my own thoughts at respect, after reading such warnings: