Tuesday, May 6, 2014

1/72 Nationalist Command & Weapons preview

Once released, a few days ago, a first set of 1/72 SCW Nationalist infantry, it's now the turn for a second one that comes to complete the bread & butter of this particular side --just as we did with the People's Republican Army before. Following the schema settled with the Republicans, this second Nationalist set will include close support weapons and unit command. Here there go the starting sketches drawn by Juan Bautista:
LMG teams
Figures 1 to 4 are those of two Hotchkiss LMG teams.
Mortar team
Figures 5 & 6 form a light mortar team.
HMG team
As with its Republican equivalent, there will also be an HMG team of three figures.
The set will be completed with two officers, a standard bearer and a bugler.

This new set of 14 figures will be most likely ready before the end of this month, but for caution face to unexpected delays we've scheduled its release for next June.


Anonymous said...

Great news!!

Simon r.

Anonymous said...

Excellent to see these moving forward towards production as my Republicans need someone to shoot at. Are you sure the mortar is the most common SCW one? I used to think the Valero hat a complicated base, as seen on some images here:

Soldadets said...

Hi reader, thanks for your comment!

Certainly, we're committed at developing this range the most we can - you haven't seen it all yet! http://www.guildwargamers.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=346&t=33709

50mm Valero model 1932 (http://s54.radikal.ru/i143/1110/85/7e3a527984e4.jpg) was the ordnance light mortar in Spanish Army since late 1932. Some 1,700 of them were in service at the outbreak of Civil War.

For logical reasons, a majority of these fell in Nationalist hands - as well as the factory in Seville producing them. But copies of 50mm Valero were made for the Republic in Catalonia and Valencia - those former, usually known as "CS" mortars.

Sure that shortages on both sides compelled them to get supplied of a number of light mortars of nearly any origin. For instance, it would be quite likely to assign italian Brixias to Nationalist troops - but we preferred to reserve them to a future CTV set...

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I didn't explain well what I mean: If the valero mortar is included in the set that is fine with me and the best choice. I just don't see the complicated base with its delicate frame with your 1/72 figure.

Soldadets said...

That's because you're mistaking one Valero for the other.

The 50mm Valero light mortar mod. 1932 is this one: http://s54.radikal.ru/i143/1110/85/7e3a527984e4.jpg

However, you have in mind the 81mm Valero mortar, that is this other one: http://forum.axishistory.com/download/file.php?id=262319&sid=4cfde25bb4c0cd724bad6b4b825a6747

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply. I have tried to look the details up but there seems to be considerable confusion whether the 50mm version had the frame or not:
show 50mm mortars with and without the frame while this page
which seems quite reliable shows the 50mm version without frame.

Anyway I trust you did your research and am looking forward to buy this set, together with a few other ones. Regards, Pat

Soldadets said...

Hi Pat,

The CS copy manufactured in Catalonia (the one inspiring our Republican mortar team) didn't have a frame, as didn't either the version used by the Nationalists.

It seems that the framed version you show was actually a 1941 improvement, according to the www.armas-guerracivil.org text you've gently listed.