Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Exceptional find!

This morning we've been visited at office by mr. Carles Querol, former Major of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia town and devoted local Historian, thanks to whom we had been able to extract a number of valuable infos concerning the IGC Sadurní d'Anoia AFV series we've been designing lately. After appreciating our 1/72nd scale model of the Assault Tank version we've recently released of it, he commented me to have been recently delivered the blueprints of another piece of armour designed at Benach Tractors Factory workbenches, a copy of which has been offered to us --provided we'd try our best for bringing it to life.

The story is more or less as follows: This is not a SCW tank, but a projected Inter-wars export tank. Benach Factory had been exporting for some time their civilian tractors to Turkey, so that in 1935 they started designing an armoured fighting vehicle for this country --uncertain whether under Turkish commission, or by their own initiative. Design was endeavoured by Benach engineer himself and finished in August 31, 1935 --as attested by the signature and date on the blueprint below:
Benach 1935
After examining these blueprints, it seems to me that mr. Benach didn't believe as much prioritary to define hull features or weaponry ports, whose shape and position seem to be merely speculative; but to accurately describe running gear, suspension and a tracks-to-wheels convertible system instead; for in the end the most outstanding, consistent features in blueprint are precisely these elements related to movement.

Well, if you attentively examine Benach's project running gear, what can you see? ...obviously, a Christie suspension system!. That same one used by Soviet BT series, or British Cruiser tanks!

Therefore, at the very same time while Trubia factory insisted in designing AFVs inspired by the old-fashioned Renault FT-17 tank using the obsolete Orion running gear, a persistently understimated workshop in Catalonia was envisaging a really modern tank, that would have no doubt revolutionized the Spanish Republic offensive capabilities and autonomy... Such amazing find comes to be a real, fledged vindication of Benach Tractors factory, and the Catalan War Industry as a whole --and we're proud to unveil it.

The project itself was cancelled, though; and its blueprints rendered forgotten and useless for a long time... till today.

Well, well, well... Who'd like one of these, and at what scale?


Sultanbev said...

1/72 scale for me please!

Fjodin said...

1/100 scale please :)

Scott said...

Looks like a great tank for my 15mm Quar!

peter said...

And I was thinking about a 1/1 scale! Just joking but it's a nice model!


Eisenhammer said...

I'll have it in 1/72, please!

Karras said...

Can you show all the blueprints ? Side view and top view ?
There is some rare in this blueprint. The track it's very rare in rear part.

Ferran Algar said...

I, per que no a 1/35?

Soldadets said...

@Karras: just published the original blueprints a few days ago:

This was intended to be a convertible tank, able to run either on tracks and on wheels (just as Christie's M1932 or Russian BT tanks). Precisely, the rear half of the blueprint is intended to show how would tracks be "stored" while running on wheels.

Soldadets said...

@Ferran: Minairons produeix models per a wargame, no per a modelisme. L'escala 1/35 pràcticament no s'utilitza en wargame.

Ferran Algar said...

Gràcies, en veure que havien a 1/72 pensava que també és produïen per modelistes.