Thursday, October 24, 2013

More SCW 20mm figures

While waiting for the Republican Infantry greens to be finished up and brought to casting workshop --something very likely to happen during next week--, allow me to show you a sneak peek on our next 20mm metal figures set, aimed at complementing the first one.

Under the title of Republican HQ & Weapons, we shall release a set including a couple of foot officers, a standard bearer, two Degtyarev MG teams in different poses, one light mortar team, one Maxim HMG team and a matching flags sheet. Here you are the preliminary drawings of all them, by Juan G. Bautista of Xan Miniatures:
LMG teams
Mortar team
HMG team
That is, a total of twelve human figures and one HMG model. As with former sets, sheet consists of three detailed historical flags:
20GEC903 flags
Unlike our vehicle boxes, whose front surfaces are always chaired by a big photo showing the actual model, boxes of this upcoming series of SCW figures are to be decorated with a boldly stylish full-coloured drawing --a rough approximation to which can be seen here below:
Box Art
As stated above, we expect to be able to release both sets during next month --before Christmas for sure! Hope these news are pleasing to you!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely exciting! This is the missing piece in the SCW puzzle. Once you have infantry (and please keep going with many more choices!), once you have infantry... then the tanks can be bought!

Anonymous said...

Excellent thinking all round. Too often manufacturers forget to supply machine gunners with a no.2, the loader, but not here! Impressive box-art. I also like the mix of headgear. Will the head be supplied separately so the customer can mix and match heads and bodies?

Soldadets said...

Thanks for the kind comments. As for separate heads, we have thought of this indeed --at a bit later stage, when the range is grown enough.

Milo Burgh said...

Xan is a great designer, I met him last year. I hope this range goes on.