Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welcoming new traders worldwide

PSC logo In spite of not having been formally announced yet, most likely many of you have already noticed that The Plastic Soldier Company has de facto become our main Distributor for the shops supplied by them, either inside the United Kingdom or abroad.

Tracks n'Troops logo That isn't all, though. We are proud to acknowledge our friends that Minairons Miniatures full range is now available at Tracks & Troops. We are happy that this highly reputed, long-aged Czech online shop had finally considered it worth to include our plastic and resin models in their huge catalogue.

Mega Hobby logo Also, our American fans might like to know that Mega Hobby store has also decided to carry Minairons products --thus helping expand a public knowledge of our humble brand around this great Republic, that is much needed still.

Cherbourg Maq. logo I had privately expressed several times to friends my deep concern about an apparent gap existing in France regarding Minairons Miniatures. It finally seems that such gap is slowly starting to fill up, thanks to individual shops like Cherbourg Maquettes, who have also dared to include our catalogue in their own listings. Wish such is just the start of a long, fruitful venture!

Bandua logo And, last but by no means less important, I'd like to acknowledge all Spanish users that the recently born, rapidly expanding Bandua Wargames Galician business is also retailing Minairons Miniatures in their webshop. There are few words in any language capable of expressing all the happiness and hope these unbeatable news above represent to me, after this first, hard and sometimes deeply deceiving year.

Thanks to you all for your confidence! --and please help us grow and expand: keep purchasing our miniatures, as well as freely feeding us with your appreciations and criticisms...

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Sultanbev said...

excellent stuff, going from strength to strength with more traders stocking your models.
That's because you have the two ingredients for success:
unique models
continual new releases programme

not to mention competitive prices as well :)