Friday, November 1, 2013

New traders, and schedule changes

We are happy to acknowledge our American followers that Internet Hobbies stores do now carry Minairons Miniatures products in their huge catalogue. Also, that Jordi Rubio renowned hobby shop in Barcelona has just started trading our 1/72nd scale models, both plastic and resin ones.

On the other side, we've had to re-adjust our next releases expected schedule, due to a previously unexpectable issue related to the decals sheets that were to complement the affected sets. In the end, we've been compelled to delay releasing of some models. In exchange, we expect to be able to push forward in the pipeline a couple of models that had been left for the first months of 2014. Please take a glance at our updated pipeline by clicking here.

Glad to assure you that our forthcoming first SCW infantry set hasn't been affected by such schedule changes, as you can appreciate below. Greens will be brought to casting on next week.
20GEF001 sample


foliescu said...

Nice sculpt, especially pants and bag are looking good :)

Soldadets said...

A complete set of pictures to follow on next Monday or Tuesday :)

Anonymous said...

Looking great, can't wait to see the other masters!

el frances said...

Bien ! Muy dinamico !