Tuesday, October 15, 2013

M1 Armored Car update & request

28IGV001 design
That's what our 1/56 Cunningham's M1 Armored Car will look like according to the design above. And in the caption below you can also see what parts it will consist of:
28IGV001 parts
OK, good so far. Now, we'd like your assistance at providing decals for this handsome vehicle. We'd like giving it a few decoration options else, besides of those strictly historical, or likely, that you can see on the draft below:
28IGC001 decals
If we had room enough for more markings than those depicted above --as it's likely to finally happen--, which ones would you like us to include in? From a fictional, what-if, or pulp setting? If so, which ones? Can you show us some samples to work on?

Any opinion or contribution is warmly welcome!


BlackWidowPilot said...

A set of Skull & Crossbones insignia for a Pulp Fiction villain's minions to ride in would be handy, as would perhaps some insignia for a hypothetical version used by one of the Chinese warlords or the KMT.

Alex Mayer said...

very nice vehicle. will be perfect for many pulp fiction games!!!

Anonymous said...

Super! This will be my first vehicle ordered! On the decals. You need to have one 'Blackhawk' insignia facing the other way. All photos of the M1 used by 'A' Troop, 1st Cavalry, clearly show the troopers painted their regimental insignia facing the front of the car, so one hawk should face right and one should face left (not both). Also, you need a pair of 'crossed sabers' with the 'A' and '1,' one for each side of the car. In fact, a pair of the generic 'crossed sabers' would also be nice, as they could go with the proposed skull & crossbones! Finally, a pair insignia of a skull superimposed on 'crossed sabers' would ALSO be interesting! Best wishes!