Friday, October 18, 2013

New releases, and Wishlist update


The piece of news of today is intended at acknowledging you about two different matters. Let's go for the new releases first: we're relieved and happy to publicly announce that our newest 1/72 IGC Sadurní tank started yesterday at last to be shipped to all those who had pre-ordered it.
20GEV001 box
20GEV001 reverse
20GEV001 parts
Also, we have just released another 1/100 textured flags paper sheet (=15mm); this time, one devoted to the People's Republican Army. As with former sets, sheet consists of three detailed historical flags:
15GEC903 flags


Flakpanzer I Secondly, we would like to briefly explain you a few updates made between yesterday and today, at both our Pipeline page of this blog and the Wishlist section of our main website,

Quite shortly not to bore you: the first two models of our recently announced SCW aircraft (I-15 and CR.32 fighters) have been pushed into Pipeline; the one at 1/100th and the other at 1/144th scale. This is aimed at reflecting our purpose of making them at both scales --more or less alongside.

Chevy 1.5ton As for the Wishlist, it has been increased with a few novelties suggested by users at different forums and fairs: Bréguet XIX, Nieuport-Delage NiD-52, McClean 37mm gun, Barbastro tank and GMC/Chevrolet 1.5ton truck --this latter has been pushed into the list by ourselves for strategical reasons, and must say that its design has already started! Let you also know that design of some other models else in the list is about to start, too! Otherwise, we've had no other chance than temporarily push Schneider CA-1 tank back, after having seen frustrated our expectations to have it designed in the short term.
McClean 37mm
Not all news could be that good. We expect to restore Scheneider CA-1 status in the list pretty soon. Of course, there have been some suggestions else --not all were kept in mind by me, apologies for it!

Please send (or re-send) me such suggestions, we'll do our best for fulfilling your wish!


David said...

I can't see the point in releasing your 2 planes in different scales at the same time.

I understand that you want to provide them in both scales but I don't think that I will be alone in waiting for the 2 to be available in the same scale before purchasing either

Soldadets said...

David, it's the range as a whole that will be developed at both scales altogether; not each individual model.

We don't know yet how exactly will they be released, there are several options we must ponder. That's why we're posting this piece of thoughts now.

As a matter of fact, I believe it would make more sense to release the aircraft 'by pairs' --i.e. I-15 and CR.32 at the same scale every time.

Otherwise, such would mean keeping in hold every new model coming from moulds, until having also its 'pair' made. Such lapse of time might be disheartening to some users, perhaps.

On the other hand, we might release each as they're made provided we commited ourselves at doing this at a rapid sequence...

A lot of decisions to take --and opinions like yours can be key, at this point.

Best wishes,

David said...

Thanks for the reply - it is obviously not simple - well done on getting so far as you have

Have you thought of releasing aircraft in 1/300?

Soldadets said...

Mmmm... Honestly we didn't. Can't see the point of making multi-part biplanes at a smaller than 1/200 scale, and still pretend these to be quick build and tough enough for gaming.


...the guy designing our aircraft models does also have a Shapeways workshop under the nickname of kampfflieger, were he posts his SCW single-part designs for 3D-printing. He's made some at 1/200, so I guess it wouldn't be that difficult to persuade him for re-scaling these to 1/300.

Hope this helps you :)


Anonymous said...

Respect for your pipeline! I am not an airplane collector but the GMC/Chevrolet truck seems a wise choice sales-wise. The MCClean 37mm gun is interesting, do you know whether it was used in Spain apart from the Northern front, and in which role (anti-tank?)?
Looking forward to see more artillery, most of the Spanish standard field artillery is not available in 1/72:

Soldadets said...


According to the infos in this page (, there is some disagreement on numbers.

Some authors state than no more than 30 units were delivered, while others say that about 40 were used in the Northern Front, while other 100 in Central Spain --always as AT guns.

Apparently highly appreciated. Often used by International Brigades.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!