Saturday, March 30, 2013

1:56 Hispano Suiza MC-36 Ultimate Design

The IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign we started one moth and a half ago has come to an end. It must be admitted that results have been far below our expectations, because no more than EUR 325.00 have been collected. Several explanations can be offered for this external funding failure but, anyway, it's clear that something has been done wrong by us --and it's our fault. We'll have to examine all factors and obtain a conclusion from these.

In spite of this, Hispano Suiza MC-36 AFV will be manufactured indeed, because such was our commitment. At this respect, I'm proud to show you the beast's final design --that will be used for making our casting masters:
Deviced at 1:56th, the model will be quite large, up to 14cm long. In order to save resin and make it lighter, we've designed its hull inside as empty. This is why it will consist of two parts, upper and lower, this last including all four mudguards.
Windscreens are to be supplied in open and closed position, as separate parts:
In the next weeks, we're going to bring the design to the prototyping company we're usually working with, so that we can hear their opinion on the matter. As for releasing schedule, we're rather optimistic in that the vehicle can be ready for release before Summer --as initially expected.

Our warmest thanks to all those who have trusted on us and dropped your funding help. In the next few days, I shall personally get in touch with you.


David said...

I think the subject is over specialised for a first venture in 1:56. A Pz1 for instance has many more potential uses and buyers,

I hope you are able to keep faith with the scale, but understand that you need to make commercial decisions on the size of your market

Soldadets said...

You're fully right, David. Most likely this is ONE of our errors.

I can only say in discharge that we believed it would be better to essay an eccentric model, rather than producing a model already manufactured by other makers, because such would have had no added value to users.

Next time, ONE of the decisions to take MUST be an Inter-wars bread & butter AFV.

Sadly, we've been given no evidences on 28mm PLASTIC production feasibility, so that I'm afraid that even such bread & butter models ought to be made in resin, don't you believe?

Alex Mayer said...

for my friends and me, the main problem of your indiegogo-project was the perks you offer. if i will invest in a indiegogo- or kickstarter-project i want to get the subject of the project and not a voucher. it looks like you want to promote your shop and not the project-subject.
believe me, this is not offense, it's only what we thought, as we saw your project on indiegogo. we would like to see more 1:56 pulp-vehicles and interwar-cars! :-)

Soldadets said...

Hi Alex,

The funny thing is that what I actually intended with generic vouchers was to encourage funding from people not straightly interested in that particular model. It seems that I've achieved just the opposite effect :S

Maybe explanations given weren't as clear as they should be. Well, both are some errors else to mend, for eventual future projects.

Curt said...

I will definitely be ordering your Suiza when it is ready for sale.

I really wanted to support your funding campaign but the first two Perk levels stipulated that I would have to use the credit within 6 months, but it was not clear to me when the Suiza would be ready for purchase. I'm not interested in the smaller scales so there would be nothing else I would be able to use the credit for if the Suiza took longer than 6 months to complete.

I also agree with David in that a more 'generic' vehicle may have created more buzz. A PzI, T-26 or an L3/35 might have had more widespread appeal.

Please stick with your plans to produce in 1/56 as there is a market waiting for you.