Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Australian & German traders, and PSC carrying Minairons

15GEV002 box We are glad to publicly announce that Platypus Publications, an Australian military bookseller and publisher, has confirmed its will to carry our 1:72nd scale range --with a prospect to take the 1:100th scale one too, depending on eventual demand. Thanks to such agreement, Minairons Miniatures will be finally able to land on Australian shores!

15GEV002 contents Also, our coverage area in German language countries is to get significantly widened from now on, thanks to the deal recently reached with Dragon's Cave games and hobby shop in Upper Palatinate (Bavaria), who are initially interested in our 1:72nd scale range too.

15GEV002 contents Last but not least, we believe it most worthy to acknowledge you that Plastic Soldier Company, the renowned plastic miniatures manufacturer, who were already retailing our 1:72nd plastic models, have just taken advantage of this TMP thread topics to confirm their will to carry the 1:100th scale range at their own website too.

Wouldn't you agree these are actually encouraging news indeed?

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