Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Carrying Steel72 model kits

Hi, just a short note with presumably good news for those fond of WW2 gaming --or, at least, for those equally fond of this period and Spanish Civil War altogether!

From now on, Minairons website will start retailing the models from Steel 72, a small company recently founded by Xan along with an associate partner. Incidentally as some of you are already aware, Xan has been so far the main sculptor of Minairons' own range of SCW figures.

Well, the thing is that I'm introducing Steel 72 current list of products into Minairons website database. These fall into two main categories so far: on one side, complete resin model kits with some white metal minor parts and driver; and on the other side, Armourfast model improvement kits --these consisting of an Armourfast sprue complemented by stowage, tank commander and other goodies. Here you can check their product listing.

In the next few days I shall complete this listing by adding Xan's own WW2 figures (Germans and Soviets, currently).

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