Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stands, Magnets and Trays

It's time for one step forward - so we've ventured into a partnership with the recently born Valencian brand known as Caliga Accesorios, so as to retail their wide (and ever growing!) range of PVC plastic stands, movement trays and base magnets --and hopefully to distribute them abroad too.
Their current ranges include round, elliptic, hexagonal, square and rectangular bases ranging from 15 to 120mm size, always made of 2mm thick white PVC plastic, as well as matching magnets made of flexible, autoadhesive magnetic sheet 0.75mm thick, and movement trays (either rectangular or "warband" style) for the most common wargaming rulesets.

While awaiting first orders to come in, we've already started introducing this new range in our Website (Other Stuff/Accessories Section). In the next few days we'll have it all inside. Please take a little patience with us!

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