Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New 1937 Chevrolet Truck at 1/72

20GEV018 box
We are happy to show our SCW latest release at 1/72nd scale: the ubiquitous 1937 Chevrolet 1.5 ton Truck. Produced at several factories all around Europe --one of them, located in Barcelona--, this light truck saw intensive action not just in SCW but also during WWII, either in Axis or Allied hands.
20GEV018 parts
As it can be seen through the picture above, this our new model kit consists of just 14 parts and is made of resin mostly, with a few pieces in hard plastic (fore wheels) and white metal (bumper). Kit includes an also resin SCW driver.

It's already available at website, and hopefully soon from our main retailers and distributors too.


Gunbird said...

If Will from PSC has a few of these with him at Crisis I know I will buy one or 2 for my generic truck collection. lovely model.

Soldadets said...

Just for case, tell him so as to get supplied of it in time.