Monday, September 14, 2015

SCW Basic Painting Guide 01: Republican Army

SCW Painting Guide 1
After some user requests about the painting schemas at our figure boxes reverse (some of which are seemingly controversial), and after a little thinking around the issue, I've finally taken the decision to publish a SCW Basic Painting Guides series, that will be given PDF format and will show as a single sheet plate, just as that one you can see above.

I'm not pretending to present you any comprehensive, scholarly treaty on Pantone ranges applied to SCW. Instead, the idea behind is to show users a handful of options, so that everyone can choose the color combinations matching each one's own tastes, painting method or paints availability. Hope this initiative becomes helpful to you all.

Our SCW Basic Painting Guides will be Free PDF Download. The first one, devoted to the Republican Army, is already available right now at Other Stuff/Rules & Books/Free Downloads section of website. For getting it, one has just to add it to his/her cart, like any other item (only that this one is completely free, of course!). At the end of checkout process, you'll be shown the link to download file.

Otherwise, if wishing to avoid such bureaucracy, you can simply download it by clicking on the image above. Be aware though that, if the original file were updated in a future, then this link might become no longer valid, so that you'd have to go for our website.


El Grego said...

Thank you very much Lluís!

Soldadets said...

Wish it's helpful :)

Anonymous said...

I'll second El Grego, with a thank you!

I wonder why there is controversy, when there are surviving items fairly readily available?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing this guidelines - very useful. Regards, Pat