Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New 1/72 Nationalist Command & Weapons

It's now available a further set of Spanish Civil War 20mm figures: 20GEF007 Nationalist Command & Weapons, that comes to complete our previously released 20GEF006 Nationalist Infantry. The new set contains 13 figures and a separate Hotchkiss HMG, besides of an appropriate paper sheet plentiful of Nationalist Army flags. Here you have a few (poorly taken) pictures of it all:
Command group front view
Command group rear view
LMG teams front view
LMG teams rear view
HMG & mortar teams front view
HMG & mortar teams rear view
This new 20GEF007 Nationalist Command & Weapons is priced exactly the same as former sets of this range --that is, €15.95 the box. It can already be purchased right now from our website.


Anonymous said...

A fine addition to the range. I think 20mm is the way ahead for gaming this war!

Anonymous said...

A must have. I for one have been waiting for many years for a set like this. Just one question: What is the No 2 next to the mortar taking from his bag - it doesn't look like a mortar round? Regards, Pat

Soldadets said...

Hi Pat, thanks for your warm comment.

About the figure no. 2 in the mortar team, he's actually drawing 'something' from a bag.

I must admit we were plainly unable to find anywhere a 50mm Valero mortar ammo box sample - so we took the risk and designed a man carrying a shoulder ammo bag instead. We believed such figure would be quite more versatile.