Monday, July 14, 2014

Lovely & fearsome: 1/72 Militiawomen

20GEF011 box
We are immensely proud to let you know our long expected 20GEF011 SCW Militiawomen set is ready and available at last. Unlike our previous regular infantries sets, this is a special box comprising not just 13 riflewomen and 2 NCOs, but also a reduced format command set comprising a capitana leader, standard bearer, 2-girls LMG team and a flag sheet with the standards of 3 different female battalions. 19 total figures, 19 poses there.
20GEF011 (1)
20GEF011 (2)
20GEF011 (3)
20GEF011 (4)
As our releasing letany uses to say, this new figures boxed set is already available through our website - and hopefully soon from our main stockists and retailers too!
20GEF011 box reverse

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