Sunday, July 6, 2014

1/72 frontline Bookmobile in production

Ford Bookmobile
We've already got this nice model in hands of our resin caster, so we're certain now to have it ready in time for its marked deadline in September. Here below you can watch some shots of it:
As you can see below, the bookmobile can be easily transformed into an ambulance by the addition of a windows side panel:
Decals for this set have already been printed, while a beautiful librarian figure is being cast right now too, so... everything ready for launching!


Beaty said...

Please stop teasing us! :)

I can't wait for this (...Mine shall be an ambulance for my Finnish Continuation War project. A bit tenuous and maybe not exactly historically accurate but the look of this vehicle just so nice)!

Soldadets said...

It's my job to continually tempt you :)

True, this model has a slightly taller roof than a GAZ-AA ambulance; but it can otherwise pass pretty well as such: