Saturday, July 19, 2014

1/72 Renault FT-17 preview

Here you have a preview on the next SCW fighting vehicle we are going to release in a few weeks, after a holidays short parenthesis in August. It is a Renault FT-17 fast assembly model kit in black hard-plastic. FT-17 was the pre-war Spanish Army standard light tank, so that some 10 to 12 of them were active at the outbreak of Civil War - such number possibly also including one Fiat 3000 purchased for evaluation. Later, the Basque Government acquired a number of supplementary Renaults, mainly from Poland.
This time we've chosen not to toolmake an entirely new model, but to take advantage of a widely appreciated already existing model and improve it. Our kit then consists of a hull sprue kindly supplied by HäT, complimented by another sprue of our own including both turrets (Renault and Berliet) and two alternative weapons (Hotchkiss MG and Puteaux gun), all in one single kit.
20GEV006 parts
The complete boxed set will comprise 2 or 3 tanks (we're still debating such feature), and a complimentary decals sheet as customary. This latter including SCW Basque and Spanish Communist markings, as well as WWII French insignia and VBCW Anglican League roundels, so as to allow users the most choices in a single set.
20GEV006 sprues
If finally packed in 2-tanks box, this new set will be priced € 13.95 like our T-26, while if boxed by the 3 tanks, then it will cost € 18.95, just as our Panzers I A. Whatever the choice, single sprues are to be available too at € 5.95, as well as separate decals at € 2.00. Forecast release deadline within September.
20GEV005 & 20GEV006 altogether

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Ignacio said...

I had plans to get one of those Hät kits and swap one of the tank's puteaux gun by a spare hotchkiss I got from your IGC Sadurní kit, but waiting a couple of months to get your kit looks like a better idea, certainly :)